Mutual Funds

  • Reasons Hedge Funds Fail by Mistakes Made

    Learn why hedge funds fail and the mistakes that can cause a hedge fund to fail. We discuss common mistakes to avoid for a potential hedge fund investor and how to determine what is a reputable investment.
    By jciotta September 6, 2010 

  • Investing Advice for the Small Investor

    Are you living on a tight budget, but you want to start saving to buy a home, send your child to college, or fund your retirement? Remarkably with very little money, you can start investing in bonds, stocks, and mutual funds today. To get new investing...
    By Ginny Edwards May 26, 2010 

  • Selecting the Best Funds for Deflation

    Which are the best funds for deflation when it hits the economy? Investors need to modify their choices dramatically when these economic situations arise.
    By Tim Plaehn May 24, 2010 

  • Top Rated Mutual Funds Reopened

    After the Internet Bubble stock market crash bottomed out in 2003, and markets started recovering, several high quality mutual funds were closed to new investors. With the 2008 stock market fall, many of those mutual funds have re-opened to new investors...
    By Brian Nelson April 14, 2010 

  • What is a Hedge Fund?

    From the AIG debacle to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme that plagued 2008, hedge funds have been finding their way into the headlines in a negative light. Many are wondering exactly what are hedge funds? This guide will provide an overview as to the...
    By ShawnTe February 23, 2010 

  • Investing For the Beginner

    The financial turmoil that started in September, 2008, has confused the experts. It's not surprising that a new investor is more confused and scared. Is there a path through the fear and confusion that leads the newcomer to a sound investment approach?...
    By o2binla February 22, 2010 

  • Top Mutual Funds By Size

    Mutual fund investing is growing rapidly thanks in part to increased participation in retirement plans. These mutual funds are the biggest mutual funds out there.
    By Brian Nelson September 30, 2009 

  • How Inverse Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds Work

    Before investing in any securities, an investor should understand the vehicle they are putting their money into. This is especially true for leveraged ETFs and inverse leveraged ETFs, which do not work the way typical investments do.
    By Brian Nelson September 29, 2009 

  • Municipal Bond Fund Review – Colorado BondShares

    For residents of Colorado, this muni bond fund offers consistent returns and tax-free income.
    By Brian Nelson August 31, 2009 

  • How to Invest in India - Tips for NRI Investors

    An ambitious package of economic reforms aimed at deregulating the economy by the Government of India has made India an ideal destination for investment opportunities for NRIs and foreign nationals.
    By Finn Orfano August 25, 2009 
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