Mutual Fund Investing

Mutual funds are one of the most commonly held investments in America, thanks largely in part to their proliferation in 401(k) plans. Here, we examine mutual funds, their purpose, and using them in your investing strategy.

What is a Mutual Fund Adjusted Net Asset Value?

Lacking the sharp fluctuation of stocks, the NAV of a mutual fund is adjusted at the end of each trading session to reflect the individual values of the securities in the fund. Also, NAV is adjusted to the dividend payout for accurately calculated returns, giving an investor a deeper look.

Mutual Funds: Picking the Best Bond Mutual Fund

Financial news magazines and websites provide a large number of lists for the best funds in different categories. This article shows you how to pick the best bond mutual funds for your investment goals and risk tolerance.

What is Mutual Fund Load Cost?

Are you asking yourself “What is mutual fund load?” The terms load and no-load often come up in the discussion of mutual funds. While it is important for investors to understand the difference, it is also imperative to learn how the sales charges work.

How Money Market Account Mutual Funds Work

Mutual funds for many are a corner stone of their investment strategy. This article narrows in on the class of investments known as money market mutual funds – what they are, how they work, how to search for them and the level of risk involved.

Investing in Municipal Bond Funds

Fixed-income assets can be an important part of any well balanced investment portfolio. Investing in municipal bond funds are considered among the lowest risk in the market and can be a valuable addition. There are some things to be watching for when considering them.

Best Funds for Deflation

Which are the best funds for deflation when it hits the economy? Investors need to modify their choices dramatically when these economic situations arise.

ProShares Inverse Leveraged ETFs

Inverse Leveraged ETFs like the ones offered by ProShares are designed to provide investors with positive returns in downward moving markets. ProShares Ultra Short Dow30 and UltraShort QQQ are some of the firms most popular offerings and can offer a way to profit in falling markets, or hedge against

Passive Stock Investing: Stock, Index, ETFs

For buy and hold investors, investing in stock market indexes can be a compelling choice. With their lower fees and expenses, and favorable long-term track record, index investing could be the solution many beginning investors and experienced investors alike are looking for.