Global Market & Trading

The Global Market topic is dedicated to anything related to investing and trading in the global market. We learn what the global market is and how to succeed in it.

The Impact of Foreign Investment in the US

Imagine real estate prices, the stock market and wages shrinking by approximately 20 percent. In fact, this potential threat to the United States economy is possible — but only in the event that every country decided to stop investing money or loaning money to the United States.

Learning How to Day Trade in Canada

Learning how to day trade in Canada successfully is a challenging project but once an investor understands the basics, it can be profitable. You will learn how to select a good discount broker, find high quality investor education and navigate the Canadian tax system including dividends and TFSAs.

5 Major Advantages of Foreign Direct Investment

Making a foreign direct investment is a popular option in the market. But, before your company allows a foreign company to actually make an investment, it is best to understand the advantages of foreign direct investment your company and the country are going to receive.

E-Commerce Impact on the Global Market

As the world economy continues to expand and become more closely associated, the e-commerce impact on the global market is profound. Nations far removed are capable of trading and establishing business relationships in ways they could not have before.

Negative Impacts of Global Market

The negative impacts of global market operations can cause major long-term upheaval for investors. Globalization impacts nearly every sector of the economy, changing the dynamics by which people and businesses choose to invest capital.

What is the Definition of a Global Market?

In the 20th century, globalization took hold of the worldwide economy, creating new concepts and ideas designed to control and explain the conditions now existent for investors. What is the definition of a global market? This article will explain the theories behind the facts.

UK Investments and Limitless Investment Opportunities

The UK is the second highest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the world, the first in Europe and the second largest global investor in the world after the US. The local capital market is large and diverse, and provides extensive UK Investment opportunities.