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Forex Trading Guide: Ten Ways to Learn and Improve Your Results

Almost anyone can start a trading program in the forex market. Here at Bright Hub, there are some excellent resources to help you understand forex and get started with your own trading program. This list of articles provides new and helpful information for traders at all levels of experience.

Best Times to Trade the Forex Market

Currency prices are constantly on the move, but there are some trading hours that seem to be more profitable for traders. It’s important for success to identify when these times are and what might cause the market to be active.

Tips On How to Build a Trading Plan for Forex

Building your own forex trading plan can be satisfying and rewarding. Money management methods are basic and a knowledge of fundamental analysis and technical analysis are “must haves” when devising a plan that you’re comfortable with. Acquiring good knowledge and skills are imperative.

Forex Scams Investors Should Look Out For

With there being so many currency trading scams on the market, investors need to educate themselves so that they don’t fall prey to scammers. From revealing the the true nature of forex trading to uncovering the strategies that forex scams often use, we highlight strategies that the bad guys use.

Why Forex is A Bad Investment Decision

Investing in a variety of different assets is one way of balancing risk against return. In addition to stocks, bonds and real estate, some people suggest including foreign currencies. Unfortunately, for many retail investors, Forex is a bad investment. Read on to learn more about this asset class.

Investing: Exchange Traded Funds Investment Strategies

Choosing exchange traded funds investment strategies is dependent on the investors goals and amount of analysis the investor is willing to do. Strategies can range from a simple, once a year re-balancing of a couple of ETFs to elaborate sector rotation programs.

How Do I Purchase Treasury Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)?

Has this question ever crossed your mind: How do I purchase treasury exchange traded funds? If it has then you have come to the right place. This article gives an overview of what treasury ETFs are and how to research and ultimately purchase some for your investment portfolio.

Bond Investing: Government Exchange Traded Funds

The ETF providers have produced government bond exchange traded funds which allow investors to participate in the bond market with a wide range of possible investment outcomes. Familiarize yourself with these funds and use them to meet your portfolio goals.

What’s the Downside to ETFs?

Is there a downside to Exchange Traded Funds? These popular investment funds have some cons as well as pros. There are several circumstances where investing in ETFs may not be the right choice.

Currencies: How to Trade the Dollar Index

The path of how to trade the U.S. dollar index is somewhat different that the widely used forex currency trading. Trading the dollar index offers the potential to profit from dollar value changes against the major global currencies with one trade.