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Is Retirement Within Your Reach? Find Out With This Financial Quiz

written by: Ginny Edwards•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 10/26/2011

The prospects of a comfortable and carefree retirement are quickly fading for many. To bring retirement back into the picture, people will need to refocus on becoming savvier savers. Here's a quiz to test your financial smarts to see if you will be able to afford the retirement of your dreams.

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    What Is in Your Retirement Nest Egg?

    Today, many people are nervously asking themselves whether or not they will have enough for retirement. In some cases, they are asking whether or not they will be able to retire at all. A recent poll found that a stunning 25 percent of people ages 46 to 64 confess they have saved nothing for retirement.

    Nest Egg Are you one of these people, but would like to start saving? Have you committed yourself, but aren't sure you are moving in the right direction? Here's a simple quiz to find out if your retirement nest egg will be filled with gold eggs, rotten eggs or no eggs at all.

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