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Forex Trading Guide: Ten Ways to Learn and Improve Your Results

Almost anyone can start a trading program in the forex market. Here at Bright Hub, there are some excellent resources to help you understand forex and get started with your own trading program. This list of articles provides new and helpful information for traders at all levels of experience.

Treasury Yield Curve Explanation

The yield curve plots interest rates comparing rates with time to maturity. However, the yield curve is more than a simple graph. The shape and slope of the curve is an indicator of current and future economic conditions.

Understanding the Risks of Day Trading

In spite of the risks of day trading, day traders are essentially keeping the financial markets efficient and liquid by capitalizing on small price movements in highly liquid securities. Day trading can be profitable provided it is exercised by traders with knowledge of the financial markets.

Stay Informed with the Best Investment Newsletters

Stock quotes, investment ads and other financial information is constantly bombarding you with ideas and data. What sources should you trust as you build your portfolio? Find suggestions for investment library and learn how to evaluate these sources.

Criteria for Assessing SRI Bond Funds

Bonds should be a part of any investor’s portfolio and investors have a lot of choices today with specialty bond funds, such as SRIs. However, does an investor have to forsake good returns to invest with their conscience? Here is a set of criteria to evaluate current SRI bond funds on all fronts.

Best Times to Trade the Forex Market

Currency prices are constantly on the move, but there are some trading hours that seem to be more profitable for traders. It’s important for success to identify when these times are and what might cause the market to be active.

Tips On How to Build a Trading Plan for Forex

Building your own forex trading plan can be satisfying and rewarding. Money management methods are basic and a knowledge of fundamental analysis and technical analysis are “must haves” when devising a plan that you’re comfortable with. Acquiring good knowledge and skills are imperative.