Renting a House

There are many benefits to renting a home as opposed to buying. Learn the advantages and disadvantages to renting a home, tips and guides to finding the right rental home. Also find information on your rights as a renter, landlord’s rights, legal information on your lease or breaking a lease and more.

Test Your Knowledge About Renter Rights and Best Practices

Finding a suitable rental and signing a lease are not terribly difficult. What would you do, though, if a property manager asked a highly personal question or wanted an exorbitant deposit amount? Test your know-how by answering these questions.

Sample Seasonal Rental Agreement

Questions about how to rent a second home may seem insurmountable at first. Do you need a rental agreement or lease? Is it a seasonal rental or short-term, and how do I know the difference? This article contains a sample seasonal rental agreement and a sample short-term rental agreement to help.

Tips on Finding Military Home Rentals

If you are in the military or a military wife, you know that often you will need to relocate within a very short time. If you want help in regards to finding military home rentals, this article offers you some resources so you’ll be better prepared when the time comes.