Real Estate Law

  • Why Title Coverage Matters

    Title insurance may seem like an obtuse concept to some people because it is not always something that they receive a policy for. However, without title insurance coverage, there are numerous challenges that can face a homeowner when it comes time to...
    By Finn Orfano June 29, 2011 

  • Is It Possible to Keep the Mortgage After A Sale?

    Homeowners may wonder, "Can you sell your house and retain a prior mortgage?" In this article, we will take a look at circumstances where this may just be possible.
    By Finn Orfano June 29, 2011 

  • Owner Information About the Property Deed

    When you are purchasing a home, it is important that you understand the various types of deeds that impact home ownership. The home seller as well as the lender will be required to sign a quit claim deed. During a sale, deed property owner information...
    By Finn Orfano June 29, 2011 

  • Understanding a Land Survey: Meaning, Costs & More

    Understanding a land survey is important for anyone considering building a fence or structure on the boundary of their land. Surveys clearly define the plots of land and prevent disputes between neighbors.
    By Ciaran_john June 29, 2011 

  • Are You Losing Money Selling Your Home?

    When you sell your house, you have to pay off the mortgage. However, is selling a house below mortgage value ever a good idea? Here we examine the pros and cons of this issue.
    By AlexisW June 28, 2011 

  • Updated Disclosure Rules for Real Estate Loans

    The new home mortgage disclosure rules are an outcropping of the events that contributed to the bursting of the housing bubble. Diversified disclosure methods, document confusion and loan amount changes were just some of the complaints that HUD addresses...
    By Sylvia Cochran June 28, 2011 

  • Notice of Foreclosure: Now What?

    For those who have been notified by their banks that they are potentially facing foreclosure, they may be wondering how does foreclosure work?. The process varies by state but overall and depends on whether the accepted foreclosure process is judicial...
    By Finn Orfano June 16, 2011 

  • Considering a Condo? Make Sure You Know FNMA Rules

    For those considering a condominium purchase, before you sign any agreements, you should ask what Fannie Mae requires in condominium declarations. The answers to this question could make a difference in your decision to purchase a condominium in a specific...
    By Finn Orfano May 22, 2011 

  • How Long Does Foreclosure Take?

    Foreclosure laws can be very confusing, unfortunately making it difficult to say exactly low long the process may take. Individual state statutes typically determine the homeowners rights as well as lenders rights. Language contained in mortgage documents...
    By Finn Orfano May 20, 2011 

  • What is the Rule for a Home Seller Accepting Two Contracts at Once?

    The offer you have placed on a home has been accepted by the seller. Then your real estate agent notifies you that there has been another offer. Well, can they accept two contracts at once?. The answer is a matter of legal concern and contract law...
    By Finn Orfano May 11, 2011 
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