Home Financing

Learn the procedures of financing your home, calculating your mortgage payments, refinancing and more. Find out what you can afford, home loans, insurance, equity, how to pay your mortgage off early and more! Buying your own home can be very exciting, yet stressful. Take off some of the stress of buying a home by learning how your mortgage works, tips on saving money and budgeting your payments.

Are There Alternatives to Refinancing?

For those who are considering remodeling their home, paying off outstanding credit card debts or making an investment using the equity in their homes, you might be wondering if there are alternatives to refinancing that you should consider. These tips for refinancing alternatives will help.

Types of Adjustable Rate Mortgages

The rates for an adjustable rate mortgage can look very attractive in the current, low interest rate environment. However, it is very important to understand the type of adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) before you use any adjustable rate loan to finance or refinance a home.

Options for Financing a Land Purchase

People purchase land for a number of reasons. Some people like the investment potential that it offers. Others want to build a custom home instead of buying a cookie cutter home in a subdivision. Whatever the reason, financing a land purchase doesn’t need to be confusing.