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Even through a recession buying a home is a sound financial investment and plan for your future. Our articles, guides and tips will bring you through the home buying process from start to finish. Read articles on home styles and terminology, get help in choosing a real estate agent, and advice on financing your home. Very soon you’ll be living in the home of your dreams!
Bright Hub’s Home Buying, Selling & Renting Channel also covers such vast topics as Real Estate Law, where we answer your legal questions on home ownership, buying and selling and fraud. We also cover selling your home, flipping a house, purchasing and managing investment properties. Know your rights and responsibilities, whether you’re renting a home or a landlord. All this and much more inside! Read articles by Realtors, home owners, peers and professionals, comment and share your experience and opinion.

Test Your Knowledge About Renter Rights and Best Practices

Finding a suitable rental and signing a lease are not terribly difficult. What would you do, though, if a property manager asked a highly personal question or wanted an exorbitant deposit amount? Test your know-how by answering these questions.