No Money for Gifts? Have Christmas Anyway!

If you have no money for gifts, you may be dreading the Christmas season. The tough economic times have made it difficult for many people to have a big Christmas. Learn four suggestions to help you have Christmas, even if you do not have money for gifts.

The Top 3 Inflation Proof Investments

Did you know that inflation happens to be biggest, scariest and most inevitable enemy your investments have to battle against to fetch you a decent return on your Investment? Inflation basically shears off any value you might hope to gain from investments. How to counter this? See these 3 top ways.

5 Fundamental Rules For a Sound Investment Plan

Everything in life must have a plan. Even not planning is a plan. Investing is all about making the best use of today to have a better tomorrow simply because future is unpredictable. Here are 5 fundamental principles for investment planning. Read on:

Three Things to Know Before Making any Bond Investments

Myths exist everywhere because somehow, humans have developed a unique habit of trusting the inappropriate information first. Myths seem to sprint faster than the truth. Bond investments come with its own share of juicy misunderstandings. Here is what you must know before you think of Investing.

What are Callable Bonds?

It just takes a trigger to shoot; a finger to stop a war and a kind word to make someone’s day and all you need to lose your shirt with wild interest rate fluctuations is an option called as ” call” which is with all callable bonds. So what is this option? How does it affect an investor? Read on.

What is the Difference Between Stocks and Bonds?

Bonds make or break the economy – or so it seems. Even though they don’t make people’s heart go “thump-thump”, they are incredibly important for an economy to stay afloat. So what exactly are bonds? What do they mean? What does it all signify for an average investor? Read on to check them out.