Windows Mobile Device Reviews

Windows Mobile Device Reviews performed by WM Experts. Including a look at hardware and software found on popular Windows Mobile Cell Phones.

Windows Phone Mango Review

There is no longer any reason to avoid switching to Windows Phone. With the release of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” the new Microsoft mobile platform is now fully up to speed and ready to compete with Android and iPhone on all levels!

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Device Preview

Nokia went into partnership with Microsoft in 2011 to bring a new range of Windows Phone devices to market that will hopefully offer a more complete user experience. So far only one device “Sea Ray” has been (unofficially) confirmed, but there are rumors of many more handsets due in 2012…

Windows 7 Phone or Droid X: Which Should I Buy ?

As mobile phones become more and more of the norm, the question for new users is which type of phone should they get. New cell and smartphones are coming out at a faster rate and users will now ask – Windows 7 phone or Droid X phone? Here, we’ll look at the difference between both and which is 4U.

HTC Snap Review – Examining The Smartphone’s Design and Software

HTC is the top producer of Windows Mobile devices and that success definitely carries over onto their newest Windows Mobile 6.1 device the HTC Snap, a smartphone that brings added functionality to emailing and productivity. Could it compete against Blackberry smartphones? Keep reading to find out.

Review of the Samsung Memoir

The Samsung Memoir is the latest multimedia phone for US markets integrated with an 8 megapixel camera, powerful xenon flash and 16x digital zoom. Here is a look at its main specifications, looks, design and ergonomics.