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Tidy and Bulk Delete Your SMS Messages

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/4/2011

SMS Purger is a messaging organization tool which allows bulk deletion of SMS messages on your Windows Phone based on date.

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    SMS Purger Explained

    If you have memory issues on your Windows Mobile device - lack of space, always trying to find a bit more RAM to run or install applications - then SMS Purge could be a useful tool in helping you to manage the amount of space your text messages take up.

    Designed to delete SMS messages, SMS Purger does so by requesting the user enters a date - every SMS up to this date will then be deleted.

    This is a good system - if you're picky about which test messages to lose then a manual browse and delete is of course required but if you're happy to bulk delete then SMS Purger is a perfect tool for doing so.

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    Requirements and Installation

    SMS Purger will run on Windows Mobile 5 and later, through to the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5, and can be downloaded via

    The download file is 410 KB and can be downloaded either directly to your Windows Phone via the mobile browser (using either Wi-Fi or a generous data tariff) or downloaded to your PC and transferred to your phone.

    Note that the CAB installer file must be present on your Windows Mobile handset in order for installation to begin. Simply select the file to run the installer and follow the on screen instructions to complete.

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    SMS Purge Screenshots

    SMS Purge - the messages shown will be deletedMenu itemsDetails saved to log
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    Using SMS Purger

    This is a very easy to use utility. Once the application is opened, simply select a date via the drop down menu at the top of the screen.

    The date you select is the cut-off - no SMS text messages will be deleted after this date. To proceed and remove the messages from before that date, open the Menu and select Purge.

    If you prefer to check what messages are going to be deleted however, select Load in the Menu first, and monitor and review your selection. This screen updates each time you make a change to the date.

    Once Purge has been selected, the software asks for confirmation that you wish to delete the selected messages. It then disconnects your Windows Mobile device from your network - this is done to avoid new SMS messages being downloaded, an occurence that could damage the SMS database. After the purge is completed it is necessary to switch your phones data connection back on.

    Finally, SMS Purger creates a log file with a copy of the deleted SMS messages within. This can be deleted if required, or saved to PC.

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    Useful Tool, Presentation Purged

    Rating Average

    SMS Purge is a very useful tool, especially for anyone using a Windows Mobile device with limited memory. It's easy to choose your date and delete the messages received and sent before that time, and generally the software just works well, doing exactly what it sets out to do.

    However the "old style" Windows Mobile design of the utility is a little uncomfortable. No attempt has been made in making SMS Purge in any sense user friendly, and if you don't have menu enhancements (such as Finger Menu or are running on Windows Mobile 6.5) then purging your SMS inbox is a matter for your stylus.

    So, SMS Purge is a useful tool with functionality that should be included in Windows Mobile by default - but the lack of an attractive user interface is likely to put many users off.