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Instant Bird IDs with Pocket Birds Europe

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/4/2011

Ornithologists, birders, twitchers - whatever you are, this very useful recognition guide for Windows Mobile is a lot more portable than a book. You'll be identifying birds in moments with AviaSoft Pocket Birds Europe

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    Every Bird In Europe

    This is one of those cool tools that you only ever need when you're out in the field, or caught unawares and left wondering what would have happened if you had a useful bird spotting database app on your Windows Mobile phone.

    Thanks to AviaSoft, Pocket Birds Europe is exactly that sort of tool, featuring thousands of images, descriptions, recognition elements and notes on virtually every bird that it is possible to spot in Europe.

    Comprising a truly massive database (over 50 MB) AviaSoft Pocket Birds Europe is available for free!

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    System Requirements

    AviaSoft Pocket Birds Europe is a big app - the download is 55.8 MB. The reason for this is massive database that needs to be copied over to your Windows Mobile device either after a synced installation via ActiveSync or after completing a manual install (by copyingthe CAB file to your phone and running the installer). Usefully, full installation instructions are included with this app.

    Designed for Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5, 6, 6.1 devices, Pocket Birds Europe will run on WinMo 6.5. you can download it from

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    AviaSoft Pocket Birds Europe Splash screenLapland Bunting illustratedTwite description - these notes are editableSearch birds based on habitat
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    Using AviaSoft Pocket Birds Europe

    The depth of quality of information in AviaSoft Pocket Birds Europe is astounding. 400 birds are documented in full - this means detailed notes, illustrations and crucially sound clips of the birds' calls.

    You can browser through bird categories (Coastal, Wetland for instance if you use the Habitat categories) while latin names can also be used. There's also general information available as well,such as an illustration of the topography of an average bird, ability to edit notes and a bird comparison function which displays two or more birds together, useful for occasions when you're not 100% certain what you've spotted.

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    Ultimate Bird Reference Guide

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    I'm not a birdwatcher or twitcher myself, but I know that taking a kit full of binoculars, notebooks, cameras and reference books can be quite unwieldy. Compressing most of this into a useful mobile app is a superb idea, one that should see an explosion of similar tools. I look forward to reviewing train, plane and fish recognition references if they're all as well made as Pocket Birds Europe.

    So with the superb database and ease of use of course, AviaSoft Pocket Birds Europe has everything any birder would ever need from a mobile app. The fact that it is free is an even bigger bonus!