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Read Comics on Windows Phone 7

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/11/2010

Reading comics on mobile devices is becoming an increasingly popular pastime - this selection of Windows Phone 7 apps will show you what is already available for the new mobile platform.

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    Reading Comics on Your Phone!

    One of the boom areas of online publishing has been web comics and since comic viewers became available on iPhone, Android and other formats more and more publishers have been rushing to get their wares digitized and available for download.

    Several mobile web comic apps are available for Windows Phone 7, including that old geek favourite, Dilbert. These apps are available exclusively from the Zune Marketplace and can be downloaded via your PC or phone; also note that trial versions are available for all Windows Phone 7 apps.

  • slide 2 of 6 Windows Phone 7 Comic Reader Windows Phone 7 Comic Readers This should be your first stop if you have any interest in comics and viewing them on your Windows Phone - is a free app that makes the job of buying and reading comics on your mobile as easy as possible. aims to make mobile comic reading as immersive as possible and this has resulted in a strong social element that allows readers to rate comics as well as update the app with what they’re currently reading.

    While the app itself is free, the content largely isn’t so keep that in mind when you try out this unique comic book content delivery system for Windows Phone 7.

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    DilbertDroid Windows Phone 7 Comic Readers This is the app that can generate a chuckle, a wry smile or a raucous laugh from any computer technician around the world – the Dilbert comic strip in your hand!

    With this app, which is updated daily, you can enjoy the exploits of Dilbert, his pointy headed boss, Asok the intern and the variety of prickly and undervalued women that are employed by the faceless corporate entity.

    A guaranteed laugh for all users, DilbertDroid is available from the Zune Marketplace for 99p in the UK.

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    xkcd Archives

    XKCD Windows Phone 7 Comic Readers Not uniquely a Windows Phone 7 comic reader (as it features other content), xkcd Archives is basically a tool for browsing and reading the archives of the website which features lots of stick creatures going about their daily business with a theme of romance, sarcasm, math and language.

    Like Dilbert, xkcd is an acquired taste, and will only suit those that get a laugh out of the daily web version.

    The app is available for 79p in the UK.

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    Galactic Beacon: Vol 1

    Windows Phone 7 Comic Readers Similar to xkcd, Galactic Beacon: Vol 1 is a remarkable collection of original sci-fi stories, essays and comics, offered in one easy to use browser app. The content is wide-reaching and interesting while the trial version offers access to all content – except the endings!

    The first volume features articles and stories on the subject of a “one way trip to Mars” and topics for discussion include the question of who should explore space – man or machine?

    Guaranteed to inform and entertain, Galactic Beacon: Vol 1 is £2.49 from the Zune Marketplace in the UK.

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    Watchmen Motion Comics

    If you would rather your comics did all the moving for you (not quite animation, more an animated pan from frame to frame) then the Watchmen Motion Comics are available in the Zune Marketplace to watch on PC or your Windows 7 Phone. There are 12 episodes compiled into three downloads, and each is available for purchase or rent using Microsoft Points.

    While not standard mobile comics the Watchmen titles are nevertheless a great way to enjoy multimedia on your Windows Phone 7 handset (note that no trial is available for this as it is video content rather than an app).