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Watch TV on Your Windows Phone 7 Device

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/17/2010

You can watch TV on your Windows Phone 7 handset using these cool new apps!

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    Looking for Windows Phone 7 TV Apps?

    Windows Phone 7 has been designed with several uses in mind, and watching TV is just one of them. Whether you plan on downloading TV shows to your computer and syncing with your phone or viewing shows online, there is a suitable tool to allow you to do this.

    The following apps are all available exclusively via the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace which is accessible with a Wi-Fi or 3G connection from your mobile. Note that you might be charged if you don’t already have a suitable 3G data plan in place.

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    MiraTV Windows Phone 7 tv apps Available on the Marketplace for 79p in the UK, MiraTV is a Windows Phone 7 TV app that delivers many free internet TV streams in one easy to use package.

    Streams are divided up by country and category and you can also save favourite channels to return to them later. The app displays TV shows in landscape mode to get the most out of your Windows Phone 7 handset, but MiraTV doesn’t only feature TV – radio stations are also available.

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    Red Bull TV

    Red Bull TV Windows Phone 7 TV apps First there were drinks, then there was a racing team – and now there is Red Bull TV!. The Windows Phone 7 TV app for Red Bull TV is free and that gives you all of the best content from the popular channel in categories such as aerial sports and motor sports. It also gives exclusive content to fans of the Red Bull racing team.

    Some live events are streamed directly to users of this app, and the video archive features all the best video clips from the Red Bull TV channel.

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    The Channer TV

    The Channer for Windows Phone 7 This is an unusual app, one that allows you to watch live internet TV while leaving comments. It’s social television you might say, and gives you an opportunity to Tweet or share your thoughts on Facebook as you watch TV.

    Given the popularity of reality talent shows and the behaviour of many viewers who take to the web to update Facebook or Twitter as they watch, The Channer TV could well be an app to keep an eye on, and as it is free to download it will certainly be a popular choice with anyone who has strong opinions about what they’re watching…

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    The list of Windows Phone 7 TV apps includes YouTube Don’t forget YouTube as a means to watch TV shows on your Windows Phone 7. The YouTube app is probably one of the worst available in terms of user interface (it pretty much launches the search portion in a poorly rendered page in the web browser) but you can access all of YouTube’s vast directory of videos and clips as well as complete shows to watch on your Windows Phone 7.

    YouTube also integrates with your Music & Videos hub so you can easily browse through what you have already downloaded and watch it again!