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G-Alarm Review: A Full-Featured Alarm Clock for Your Windows Mobile Phone

written by: •edited by: Heather Marie Kosur•updated: 5/29/2010

In this review, I will be taking a look at G-Alarm, an alarm clock application for your Windows Mobile phone.

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    G-Alarm is an alarm application for your Windows Mobile phone that provides a variety of features to help you wake up in the mornings. It provides many innovative features that you will not find in many other alarm manager applications for Windows Mobile phones. It is completely skinnable and allows you to set the amount of time for the snooze feature.

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    Main Interface

    GALARM 01 The main interface of G-Alarm allows you to set unlimited alarms. Different types of alarms can be set such as weekday alarms, quick alarms, and one time alarms. You can define a playlist for each alarm with your favorite music. MP3, WAV, and WMA files are supported. You can also force a particular volume if even if your device is on silent mode.

    You can choose to auto snooze the alarm after a specified time period.

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    Snooze Techniques

    GALARM Maze One of the most innovative features of the G-Alarm application is the ability to set an option which enables a maze that you must solve in order to snooze the alarm. This is a useful feature for those who find it difficult to wake up, as the only way to stop the alarm is to solve the maze. The maze involves guiding your ball through a path using the tilt sensor on your phone.

    For supported devices, light sensor support allows you to snooze the alarm by turning on a light.

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    Today Screen Support

    GALARM 02 The G-Alarm application features a today screen plugin that allows you to configure, enable, or disable alarms from the main screen with a few selections. The application is touch optimized and requires only a finger to navigate.

    The application features a flight mode that allows you to save your battery by turning off the phone and automatically starting it for the next alarm. It features a talking clock for listening to the current time and also use this talking clock to execute applications at a particular time. Therefore, it also functions like a task scheduler.

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    G-Alarm is more than just an alarm manager for your Windows Mobile phone. It also has a lot of extra useful functions apart from its alarm functionality. It is priced at $7. You can download a ten day trial from or purchase it from