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The Jury Is In and Sports Websites Are Different

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/3/2011

Navigating around the web on our mobile can prove difficult if the sites you visit are not properly formatted for cell phones (images are too big icons are unfriendly etc.) or if the site doesn't offer a mobile version of its content. In this section we examine the best of Mobile Sports Sites.

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    There are plenty of great Mobile websites, in this section I simply outline my 5 favorite Mobile sports sites, including why I believe they are better optimized for mobile browsing than other offers of the same nature. These 5 sites are not ordered in any particular way, there simply a collection of my favorites.

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    1. ESPN Mobile

    It should come as no surprise that ESPN would offer an optimized mobile version of their sites, after all the company did run ESPN Mobile Carrier Services for a short period.

    So why is ESPN Mobile so great? First it allows users to easily track their favorite sports teams including their teams and team player stats, injury reports, breaking news and pretty much any other stat they'd like to see. During game time fans on the go can even receive up to the minute scores from their favorite teams, making gathering past and on the minute information very simple.

    Users can also take advantage of ESPN alerts. These alerts will automatically send text messages to the users phone when updates are available from their favorite teams, such as updated scores, breaking news and even fantasy alerts.

    ESPN also offers some fun mobile gaming options, the mini games are pretty addictive and usually free of charge meaning you can play fun little mini games any time you want.

    ESPN Mobile also offers "On Demand Video" which includes clips from ESPN's daily sports programming, including highlight reels, breaking news, and other clips taking from daily shows.

    The above mentioned information is just a quick look at the ESPN Mobile options available to users, make sure you check it out for more information. You can visit ESPN Mobile directly from your mobile by Clicking Here.

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    2. CBS Sports Mobile

    CBS offers several ways for users to take advantage of their mobile in terms of "Sports Updates" On the one hand users can download the CBS Sports App and pay $4.99/month for access to sports updates and other information. On the other hand users can simply visit CBS Sports Mobile. On the CBS Sports site you'll find many of the same types of offerings as the ESPN site, such as access to sports scores, video programming on-demand and even some fun mobile games. CBS Sports Mobile also offers Ringtones and Wallpapers for your favorite teams including collegiate sports offerings.

    Several carriers offer easy access to CBS Sports Mobile including Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. If you want to learn how to access the CBS App with those carriers visit the link I've included in this section, or contact your carrier for help with step by step directions. The Application version is fast to use and easy to setup with very little system resources being wasted.

    CBS Sports Mobile is definitely another great choice that will keep you connected to virtually every sport your heart could possibly desire.

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    3. EA Mobile

    The first two postings I made focus on News updates for your favorite sports, EA Mobile on the other hand focuses on the fun Mobile Games you can play on your devices. EA Sports has long been the leader in Sports Gaming and with EAMobile theres no exception.

    EA Mobile includes all EA Mobile games, but I specifically as a sports gamer loved the Sports Mobile options such as Tiger Woods 09, Madden NFL 09, The Sims Pool, FIFA 08 and many more.

    The games will cost you up to $9.99 on average, but I promise you the graphics considering they are mobile versions, and the overall gameplay are definitely worth the cost of admission. In most cases simply enter your mobile number and have the game delivered directly to your phone and billed to your mobile account.

    With plenty of games to choose from EA Mobile is your one spot stop for mobile sports games and each of the downloads available play closely to the game console versions of the same names, this site is definitely worth a look.

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    4. BBC Sport Mobile

    The BBC Sports network can rival almost any sports network in the U.S. and BBC Sport Mobile is no exception, this 100% free application. You can easily access the site by going to directly from your mobile phone and beginning to use the program right away.

    Much like ESPN and CBS Sports Mobile you'll find your favorite sports with the ability to receive breaking news, sports scores, and more. Unlike ESPN you'll also find some sports that you'd be hardpressed to find on ESPN such as Cricket, while more in-depth Soccer (Football) scores and information is available.

    Another cool bit of info, users can text the BBC Sports page with their favorite teams name and they'll actually receive up to date information on their favorite teams.

    With a clean user interface and easy to access team information this is a great program for our friends across the pond, and for U.S. users looking to expand their ability to receive information for "less played" sports stateside.

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    NFL WAP Site

    The site isn't as advanced as the sites i've mentioned above, in fact its pretty simplistic, users can basically find scores, check on their fantasy leagues and even manage their fantasy teams wirelessly by signing into their accounts via the WAP site. The site even allows for quick access to headlines that are easily accessible via your device. You can also access league wide schedules to find the games you want to watch.

    Overall a simplistic offering that's optimized for easy mobile phone access while still providing valuable information for free.

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    The Mobile Sports sites listed above are just a few of my personal favorites, there are plenty of Mobile sites online that can be discovered and used for different purposes, but if you want up to date news and some fun mobile sports games I would highly recommend you check the one's out i've recommended, they've gotten me through many sports related needs.