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Send Greetings Cards from Your Windows Phone!

written by: •edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 8/5/2011

One way of making use of all of those photos that you take with your Windows Phone is to create greetings cards and postcards using dedicated e-card apps.

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    One of the great things about mobile phone apps is that they can make it possible for you to perform tasks that you wouldn’t normally dream of. For instance, e-cards are usually created and sent from a specialist website, usually cluttered with poorly placed adverts and littered with pop-ups, but none of these things can be found on the Jeego app for Windows Phone 7.

    Available from the Windows Phone Marketplace for $1.99, Jeego is a useful app that enables you to create fun images on your device and then share them with friends and family via email. You might want to send a love letter, anniversary card or even make one yourself, and Jeego makes this possible while throwing in the addition of integration with the Picture Hub. This enables you to select from any of the images saved on your phone to add into a custom e-card, and you can even create brand new photos especially for use with this app!

    Alternatively, you might prefer to use the Postcard Now or Postcard Maker apps. All offer similar functionality, making creating and sending Windows Phone e-cards very simple, as you will soon see…

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    Create and Send an E-Card with Jeego

    Jeego is a wide-ranging app that offers a good selection of pre-designed cards that you can customize and send via email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS.

    Create and Send an E-Card with Jeego The available cards are split into eCards, Photo Fun, Make One and Love Meter. If you are looking for a basic e-card that you can send to a friend or loved one, select eCards, browse through the category list (featuring cards in the flirty and romantic categories), find the card you want to use, add the personalization details and use the Happy? Let’s Send! button to dispatch the card to the intended recipient via SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter.

    Other card types use the same method; Photo Fun also takes advantage of your camera, however, allowing you to import images of friends or yourself, and blend them with some pre-designed “fun” cards, while the "Make One" cards simply need you to input the name of the recipient for some instant personalization. Finally the Love Meter option creates a nice St Valentine’s Day card, which again you can personalize with names before sending.

    A great feature you will find in Jeego is that you can connect the app to your Facebook account -- a great way of making sure you never miss any birthdays!

    Note that when using the Jeego app you will need an Internet connection as much of the content is stored online.

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    Design Your Own Postcard Now!

    An alternative Windows Phone e-Card app is PostcardNow, available on a free trial from the Marketplace, but featuring a full price of 99c.

    Design Your Own PostcardNow on Windows Phone This is a great way of turning the photos you snap on your Windows Phone 7 device into a postcard that can then be sent to anyone in the world. When the app launches, you can swipe to the Photo tab to begin the process of selecting an existing Photo or taking a new one. Choose Photo will open the Pictures Hub and allow you to select from any image you have stored on your phone, while Take Photo will of course launch the camera. (Note that you will have to use Choose Photo after snapping a new image in order to import your latest photo into the app.)

    Once a photo has been selected and added, move to the Background tab, and add a suitable texture to appear behind the photo. Note that this screen has several options that you will need to scroll down to view.

    You can then move onto the Design tab, where various icons and smileys can be added to the photo and a short message can also be included. These elements can be dragged around as required before you Save, and then the time has come to send the card via email!

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    Using Postcard Maker to Create Custom Greetings

    Finally, there is Postcard Maker, again available at 99c from the Windows Phone Marketplace and designed from the start to help you make a typical postcard; unusually, the app launches in landscape mode!

    Using Postcard Maker to Create Custom Greetings Everything is nicely arranged to get started with Postcard Maker – begin by using the folder or camera icons to import an existing or new photo into the app, import the item as a Background, and then if you want to add some text, tap the pencil icon and add a few words. These can be in any one of 20 fonts and any font size from 12 to 44; you can also select from eight different colors. Use the green check button to accept the change and return to the main screen where you will be able to drag the text around to positioning it where you want.

    Using the Backgrounds button, you can switch between different modes that are used to add elements to your postcard, such as fun Objects such as hearts and gift icons, Filters for converting the image to black and white or negative, and Drawing, for adding finger painted lines.

    When you’re done creating your postcard, simply tap the green gift icon to send – you have a choice of email, Facebook and Twitter!


  • All references and screenshots via Postcard Maker, PostcardNow and Jeego e-card tools available from the Windows Phone Marketplace.