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Using Windows Phone Image Extras

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 3/16/2011

There are various apps and utilities on Windows Phone 7 that you can use to improve your photos, and they're all accessed via the Extras menu...

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    Fun with Photos on Windows Phone 7

    Using the Windows Phone 7 Pictures Hub you can view and organise photos, share with friends and social networking sites and upload them to your SkyDrive for safekeeping.

    However, with the addition of photo editing tools for Windows Phone 7 you can also make some interesting changes to your snaps, adding pre-set styles and saving your photographs as new images, ones that at times turn out quite different.

    There are many photo editing tools available for Windows Phone 7 on the Marketplace. Once added, they integrate into the Pictures Hub so that they’re always available when viewing a photo, making for a quick and seamless transition from photo to editing tool.

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    Choosing a Windows Phone Image Editor

    Image Labs Windows Phone Image Editor Various image editing apps are available from the Marketplace, however, these should be carefully researched before installation.

    The reasoning for this is simple – some are better than others. For instance the Pictures Lab app (pictured here: available for £1.99 in the UK with a free trial also available) is the best-selling photo editing app, and features a variety of top-quality editing tools. Always check the star rating and reviews for the apps you’re planning on using as this will give you an idea of how good the app is on the various Windows Phone devices.

    Photo Studio is also popular, although this is slightly more expensive at £2.49.

    If you’re using an HTC phone, meanwhile the HTC Hub offers the free Photo Enhancer tool, although this is limited to filters and offers the sort of functionality you might expect from the camera anyway.

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    Using a Windows Phone Image Editor

    Morfo is a popular Windows Phone Image Editor In order to take advantage of integration between your chosen photo editing tool and the Pictures Hub, first open the hub and then find the photo you wish to edit. Tap the photo to view it – via the menu (accessed by dragging the ellipses […]) you will be able to choose Extras… and then the name of the photo editing app that you installed previously.

    Opening the app will auto-load the photo you want to edit, allowing you access to the various features of the tool concerned.

    Once you’re done with making changes (you might apply a filter or crop the photo, or just tweak the brightness), you can then save the new image to your phone where it will be listed in the Pictures Hub with all of the others.

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    Sharing Edited Photos

    Once saved to the Pictures Hub your edited photo will be available to share with friends and family via e-mail, text messaging or social networking, and you can also upload the image to SkyDrive to keep a copy safe.

    Sharing photos in Windows Phone 7 is easy. With the photo you want to share open in the Pictures Hub, go to the ellipses […] and select Share…. You will then be given the option of sending your image via any e-mail accounts that you have set up on your phone or uploading it to any social networking accounts.

    Sharing photos with Windows Phone 7 is great – but sharing edited or tweaked photos can be even more fun!

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    Sources: Author's own experience.

    Images via Zune Marketplace.