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Microsoft Window’s operating system is based on Win 32 api and was designed for a number of hardware platforms such as the pocket pc, smartphones and portable media centers. The easy-to-use interface resembles Microsoft’s Desktop PC. First seen in 2000, it has gone through several versions and updates, the current being Windows Phone 7. With so many Windows Mobile applications, features, programs and new upgrades coming out constantly it is easy to become overwhelmed. That’s where Bright Hub’s team of experts steps in. Whether you are looking for info on how Windows Mobile 7 compares to previous models, reviews on the latest software or applications,top Windows Mobile apps, tips, shortcuts and help you’ll find it all here.
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How to Uninstall Applications from Windows Mobile Devices

The uninstall processes on Windows Mobile Devices are easy to follow and pretty quick, however, depending on your situation/setup you may need to choose one of the following options: ActiveSync, Windows Mobile Device Center, or Directly From The Device. In this article I’ll outline all three.

Opera Mini 4.1 for Windows Mobile: Review of the New Browser Features

In this article we’ll examine the benefits of using the Opera Mini browser on your cell phone, pocket pc, or smartphone devices. I’ll include a list of the new features found on the new version, along with some of the mainstay features that have made Opera Mini the number one cell phone browser.

Review of the HTC Touch Pro Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 6.1

The HTC Touch Pro is a sleek and stylish Pocket PC that features a large touch screen, a sliding QWERTY keyboard, GPS capabilities, expandable memory via a MicroSDHC card, Wi-Fi for Internet junkies, and most importantly the robust Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Mobile Operating System.

Using Opera Mini as a Web Browser for Your Smartphone

Have you ever found yourself hating the Big Blue E Internet experience that currently sits on your smartphone? Do you wish you had a better mobile Internet browser that offered more of a desktop type browsing experience? If so then the Opera Mini browser may be for you.