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Microsoft Window’s operating system is based on Win 32 api and was designed for a number of hardware platforms such as the pocket pc, smartphones and portable media centers. The easy-to-use interface resembles Microsoft’s Desktop PC. First seen in 2000, it has gone through several versions and updates, the current being Windows Phone 7. With so many Windows Mobile applications, features, programs and new upgrades coming out constantly it is easy to become overwhelmed. That’s where Bright Hub’s team of experts steps in. Whether you are looking for info on how Windows Mobile 7 compares to previous models, reviews on the latest software or applications,top Windows Mobile apps, tips, shortcuts and help you’ll find it all here.
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Best Twitter Apps For Windows Mobile 6.1

Twitter has become a very popular micro-blogging application that allows users to follow their friends, favorite websites, and much more. While you can of course check your tweets at your PC there are also some excellent Windows Mobile Apps that can keep you connected on the go. Check out my Top 5.

Review: HTC Touch HD – Page 1 of 2

The HTC Touch HD is a state of the art Windows Mobile 6.1 Pocket PC that features HTC Touch Flo 3D technology, a huge display with excellent video playback capabilities and many more features that even the most discerning users will find easy and competent to use. Keep reading for a full review.

The Best of Mobile Sites: Sports Sites

Navigating around the web on our mobile can prove difficult if the sites you visit are not properly formatted for cell phones (images are too big icons are unfriendly etc.) or if the site doesn’t offer a mobile version of its content. In this section we examine the best of Mobile Sports Sites.

Review: Guitar Hero 3 Mobile For Windows Mobile Devices

The Guitar Hero franchise has become one of the biggest video game successes of all time on most popular modern day game consoles. Now the same type of game play offered on the expensive gaming systems is available in a much more portable Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 version. Check out our review.

Winterface: An iPhone Shell App for Windows Mobile

There are many mobile shells that make your Windows Mobile device look like an iPhone but very few of them work as well as Winterface. In this article I explain the Winterface design and show off its main features.