Symbian How-To Guides

Symbian Experts provide How-ToG uides that include easy to follow tips, tricks and hacks for a variety of Symbian OS versions and many different Symbian devices.

How to Download Torrents on Your Symbian Phone Using SymTorrent

Here’s another function your cell phone can support to help itself in the process of slowly replacing your computer – downloading torrents. Very few people know this is possible, yet there are a number of torrent clients available for cell phones, among them the most popular one is SymTorrent.

Bluejacking: Harmless Phone Pranks

What is bluejacking, and why do it? Because it’s fun and completely harmless. The proponents of this fad in cell phone messaging emphasize this very strongly.

How to Free Up Memory on Your Symbian Phone

Lack of quick responses on your phone can be frustrating, especially if time is of the essence. More often than not, this lack of response can be directly attributed to the mobile’s built in RAM.

What Does a Signed Symbian Application Mean?

In this day of unsafe applications, every unsigned software poses a major risk to security and privacy. The Symbian signed is a system that certifies applications – but exactly what does the logo mean?

Guide for Speeding Up GPS Signal Acquisition on Nokia Cell Phones

If you’re using a Nokia cell phone with GPS capabilities you may have noticed at certain times that its rather hard to receive a GPS signal, while at other times you can receive a signal in a matter of seconds. In this article I’ll explain how to receive faster GPS coordinates with little effort.