Symbian How-To Guides

Symbian Experts provide How-ToG uides that include easy to follow tips, tricks and hacks for a variety of Symbian OS versions and many different Symbian devices.

Nokia N900 Tips & Tricks

The Nokia N900 is not called a Maemo mobile tablet for nothing. There are things it can do beyond the traditional functions of a regular smartphone. Keep reading to get a few Nokia N900 tips and tricks.

How to Connect Dial Up Internet using Nokia 6600 as Modem

One great thing about the Nokia 6600 is that it not only acts as a great and reliable smartphone but it has got the ability to route data though to your laptop or desktop computer if turned into a modem. This guide shows you how you can use your Nokia 6600 as a modem.

Smartphone Showdown: Nokia N900 vs iPhone 4

As the battle goes on for who will take the lead in the global smartphone market. It is the Nokia N900 vs. iPhone that gets center stage in this article. Keep reading to find out how they stand up to each other.

The Best Nokia E71Themes

Tired of the same old Nokia E71 themes that come bundled on your phone? Here is a list of places on the Internet where you can download the best themes for the Nokia E71 phone.

How to Use Nokia Ovi Store

With major smartphone vendors worldwide running online app stores, Nokia with their Nokia Ovi Store is not left behind. In this article I will show you how to download apps from Nokia Ovi Store and see how Nokia Ovi Store matches up with Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market.

Top 5 Nokia 5130 Themes to Download

Nokia 5130 themes are available for free download. Just browse the Internet and you can find tons of free themes for your Nokia 5130. To save you the time here are some of the best Nokia 5130 themes around.

Download Free Nokia 7510 Themes

Free Nokia 7510 themes can be found all around the Internet. To give you a clue on the best downloads, here is a list of animated and static themes you can choose from.

A Detailed List of Nokia Secret Codes

One interesting thing about Nokia phones is for some reason, as far back as I can remember, there have been secret codes that have been used to reveal not so obvious Nokia secrets. Keep reading to know what some of the Nokia secret codes are.

Nokia Mobile: How to Close a Crashed App

There are many circumstances under which a mobile app can crash. It is important to terminate the actual app processes as they clog the main memory. This article focuses on how to close a crashed app on a Nokia mobile.

Different Methods for Unlocking a Nokia Phone

Locked phones are an unfortunate reality with certain service providers. Although there are usually unlocked versions available, they tend to be much more expensive. This article looks at the different ways to unlock a Nokia phone, and how to get an unlock code.

Guide to Nokia N95 Email

People on the go who need to check their mails constantly but don’t want to carry a bulky laptop can do it on the Nokia N95. You can send and receive e-mail from this mobile phone. The following steps will guide you through the process of how to send email on a Nokia N95.

Using Nokia PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite is an ideal compendium of applications that a user can use to create an interface between their handsets and their personal computers. This article talks about how to use Nokia PC Suite and where to get it.

Easy to Follow Steps on How to Change Nokia Wallpapers

One way to personalize your cell phone is by changing its wallpaper. You can select from your image gallery, capture photos or download wallpaper from the Internet. This article provides step by step process on how to change the wallpaper on your Nokia phone.