Symbian How-To Guides

Symbian Experts provide How-ToG uides that include easy to follow tips, tricks and hacks for a variety of Symbian OS versions and many different Symbian devices.

Collection of Tips and Tricks for Nokia Phones

Are you looking for useful tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Nokia smartphone? Do you know that there are secret codes and hidden features that can be used for Nokia phones? You’ll be amazed when you read this guide.

The Ultimate Nokia Customization Guide

Are you bored with the default wallpaper, ringtones, widgets, screensavers and themes for your Nokia phone? Start personalizing your Nokia smartphone to get the look you want using this Nokia customization guide.

Nokia Maps: Your Complete Travel Kit

Nokia Maps has come a long way from when it was called Ovi Maps. With a change in brand name, there is an expected change in features, experience and excitement. Is that the case with Nokia Maps? Read on and let us find out.

The Most Common Ways to Sign Symbian Apps

I know only too well the frustration of not being able to have your Symbian apps install on mobile phones due to signing issues. Here I will show you how to sign Symbian applications and so avoid this problem.

How to Find Apps on the Nokia Nuron

If you are finding that your mobile phone is lacking in quality apps then you are in the right place. This guide will show you how to find apps on your Nokia Nuron and get them installed hassle free. There are a number of great resources for applications on the Internet that you should check out.

How to Do a Hard Reset on a Nokia N8

Some Nokia N8 users may have done some things to their phone that they end up regretting. One such thing is a hard reset. This guide will show you how to do a hard reset on a Nokia N8 the proper way.

Overview of Nokia 6300 Themes

Without having to upgrade your phone, you can use readily available themes to spark renewed life into your Nokia 6300. This guide will give you a head start with places to get themes and advice on how to install them.

Nokia 6350 Edit Voice Mail Number Guide

The Nokia 6350 edit voice mail number instructions are not that difficult. In fact setting up and getting started is not hard either. You’ll find plenty of getting up to speed tips discussed in this Nokia 6350 manual.

How to Install Nokia N95 Themes

Have you ever felt that it may be time to give your Nokia N95 a new look but you cannot do much about changing the hardware? Not to worry, I suggest changing the Nokia N95 themes. They are easy to get, easy to install and easy to activate. Continue reading to see how this can be done.

Make the Most of Your Nokia 7705 Twist

An unusually designed handset, the Nokia 7705 Twist will certainly appeal to those looking to make a statement with their phone. The Twist places greater emphasis on its aesthetics. In this article we look at various tips and tricks that can be used with the Twist.

Unblocking Nokia SIM Card Requires PUK code

Unblocking Nokia SIM card requires PUK (personal unblocking key) that only the mobile network operator can provide. PUK should not be entered incorrectly, or else you just destroyed the SIM card and you will need to request a SIM card replacement.