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Best Nokia N72 Apps

written by: Asheesh•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/13/2010

Wondering about the best applications for your Nokia N72 phone? Here, some useful applications are described that are best in their field and advance your phone with various features.

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    The Nokia N72 is part of Nokia's N-Series of phones. You can find loads of applications for your Nokia N72 in the market. However, it’s important to choose the application according to your requirements. You will find various features and facilities in your pocket by adding different applications to your phone. You can use them any time and anywhere throughout the world.

    Some very useful and cheap Nokia N72 software applications are described below.

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    • The Nokia N72 software Stacker is like a compression system for your mobile, which is entirely automatic and reliable.Stacker 
    • This software is used to enhance the size of the memory. It doubles the size of the memory.
    • It allows any application to store in compressed form; however, when you want to start any application, the software further decompresses the application in the background automatically. The application further becomes compressed when you close it. In simple terms, it works behind the scenes invisibly.
    • This program is very simple and easy to use. You only need to tap the “Archive” button to compress any application.
    • You will find a list of the installed applications in Stacker.
    • When you want to decompress the application, just select it and tap the “Restore” button.

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    • The Nokia N72 software SplashID is used to store your personal identification information securely.SplashID 
    • You can store personal information such as usernames, passwords, calling card numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, PIN codes, and many more.
    • The software stores this information in a secure and encrypted format that you can access quickly using your computer or phone.
    • This software offers unlimited types of categories to store any kind of personal information easily.
    • You can customize list, color, and icons in this software.
    • It offers Field Masking so as to avoid any risk for your sensitive data.
    • You can send stored records to another SplashID user.
    • It uses Blowfish encryption for protecting passwords.
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    SlovoEd dictionary

    • The Nokia N72 software SlovoEd dictionary is a quality dictionary, which is easy to use and uses the database of well-known linguisticSlovoEd dictionary  companies and high compression technology too.
    • It offers quick translation of thousands of words and can be used throughout the world.
    • You can learn foreign words with this software with a simple method.
    • It offers the pronunciation of the words with a sound module that helps to improve the pronunciation.
    • It requires low memory for the installation and uses powerful compression technology so as to store data with a high compression ratio and with a high access rate.
    • It also offers phonetic transcriptions of all words.
    • This software can also be used for checking word spelling to clear any doubt.
    • You can customize the dictionary interface and manuals in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

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    Handy Weather

    • The Nokia N72 software Handy Weather offers detailed information about weather such as temperature, UV index, Humidity, etc.Handy Weather 
    • It uses hurly forecast so as to provide the most sufficient weather forecast.
    • You can get weather information about all your favorite cities. The information about the weather of 40,000 cities around the world can be gotten by this software.
    • You can get recent weather news by setting up the automatic update option.
    • It never downloads adverts or spam and it generates only 6 KB of traffic while updating.
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    Handy Blacklist

    • The Nokia N72 software Handy Blacklist is used to save your time by restricting undesired calls. You can save your time and money with this appHandy Blacklist .
    • You only need to add the specific numbers, and the software will block them from calling you.
    • You can get the details of the restricted calls from the application “Call Log”.
    • When you disconnect any call manually, the software will offer to add that number automatically.
    • You can block any unknown number as well.