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Best Applications for the Nokia X6

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/4/2011

Owning a Nokia X6 is a dream come true for many people. With its sleek design and excellent features the unit also comes with many exciting apps. Here we round up ten of the best apps that your phone shouldn't be seen without.

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    The Nokia X6 is one of the more popular Nokia handsets, but of course this smartphone is more than just a mobile phone -- a smartphone is nothing without its apps. While there may not be the choice in the Nokia Store that Apple owners have to choose from in the App Store there are still some great apps out there. And remember that you have other places to buy your apps from as well as the official store, so there is a wide range to keep you happy. As always, we've filtered out the rubbish ones and brought you only the best Nokia X6 apps.

    You'll find all the relevant links to download these apps in our references section at the end. Let's take a look.

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    Google Translate

    googletranslate Google Translate has made the transition to the Symbian operating system and works really well on your Nokia X6. It has the capability to translate 26 different languages so is one of those must-have apps for when you are traveling -- and it's free. The only downside to this app is that you need a data connection which might end up costing you a bit in data usage, but is still one of the most worthwhile downloads and is easy to use too.

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    Ovi Maps

    ovimaps Ovi maps is perhaps my favorite Symbian app of all. It's so much more than a sat nav, although you can use it as that if you wish, and it works whether you are driving, cycling or walking, complete with voice guidance. You also get landmarks guidance, lonely planet guides, Michelin guides, and perhaps most importantly free local weather. If you haven’t got this application yet, you should get it right now.

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    Lapix Drawing Application

    lapix Architects and designers will love this Nokia X6 app. Come to think of it, so will the rest of us -- where else can you draw on your phone screen with your fingers or stylus while riding on a bus? Other than that, you can also add lines and circles to your drawings because it comes with a shape feature too. You can even choose from among the 16 million available colors or shades. Once you are done with your drawing you can save it and open it when you want. A great one to keep kids occupied.

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    Level Touch

    leveltouch Tired of adjusting those book shelves and fittings? With the Nokia X6, you have you own spirit level tool that comes with bubble tubes that are both horizontal and vertical. Thanks to its built-in accelerometer accurate readings can be made, whether you are hanging a picture or just putting up a towel rack. It's a simple little app that works well, and once you've got it, you'll wonder what you did without it.

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    Free PDF Reader

    pdfreader Receiving documents in PDF format through your phone is now possible thanks to the free PDF reader. It's easy to use and convenient too. Many documents nowadays get sent by PDF but being out and about doesn't mean you have to miss out. This easy app will not only let you view documents on the go, but you can highlight sections, zoom in and out (particularly useful when working on a phone) and even alter the screen to full size to make reading so much easier.

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    gravity Twitter has become one of the most popular social media sites around the world and no smartphone is fully dressed without at least one Twitter app. Thanks to Gravity, one Twitter app is all that you will need. It has a nice looking interface and works seamlessly in every area of Twitter. It supports multiple accounts as well as handling Twitpics, trends and groups. There is also the facility to incorporate Foursquare and Facebook, as well as coming with a complete Google Reader. The downside to this app is that unlike most of our offerings here, this one is a paid-for app, at 12USD/ 8GBP.

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    Coin Toss Touch

    cointoss Of course no app selection would be complete without a rather pointless but fun app in the group. You use the same action tossing a coin using your X6 as you would to toss a real coin, as it makes use of the accelerometer. Useful for those moments when you don't want to be called out as a cheat by using a coin from your pocket. Could be useful to decide whose turn it is to buy the next round of drinks, if nothing else.

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    Heyyou GPS Tracker

    heyyou Perhaps the most useful app for the Nokia X6 you can download, this GPS tracker is helpful not only to parents when they want to keep track of their children, but if your phone is lost or stolen too. One nice feature of this app is that it can utilize your phone's camera to take pictures of the thief too. With this application, you can also locate where your callers are calling from. It's not a cheap app, but it's definitely worth your time and money to get hold of it, if only for peace of mind.

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    Opera Mini

    operamini If you don't yet have Opera Mini as one of your Nokia X6 apps, then now is the time -- it makes browsing on your phone so much more enjoyable, and certainly less stressful. Although it uses Opera's servers to first compress the page and then present it to you, there is no discernible delay -- in fact web pages load quicker using this app. The way it works also means that you save on data charges, as Opera claim that it uses about a tenth of the data that other browsers too. Oh yes, and it's free!

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    ybrowser Y-Browser may not be the prettiest app on the block, but it's certainly functional and extremely useful. You may already have this application in your collection, but if you don’t then you are missing an excellent file manager for your Symbian based phone. Actually, it's more than just a file manager, it has extended functionality with a built-in text viewer, mailfolder attachment manager, and rather conveniently, PKzip handling too.

    These top ten apps for the X6 should give you plenty to go at, and have hopefully covered a wide range to suit most tastes. If there's an app you can't live without that you'd like to tell us about, then please leave a comment.