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Best Free Nokia S60 Apps

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/15/2011

The Symbian S60 platform is one of the most mature smartphone platforms out there. It has scores of useful apps available for download. In this article, I will list the best free Nokia S60 apps.

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    Nokia was the world's number one smartphone company. Even after the success of Apple and Android in the United States, Nokia continued to rule the budget smartphone market in the rest of the world with its range of Symbian phones. Most of Nokia's smartphones run on Symbian S60 and its newer range of touch-screen phones run S60 version 5.

    In this article, I will highlight the top free Nokia S60 software available for download.

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    Opera Mobile

    opera-mobile-10-screenshot Opera Mobile is probably the best mobile web browser and it is available on multiple platforms. Opera Mobile and Opera Mini, its counterpart for feature phones, both offer a lot of superb features to users. Opera Mobile comes with features like web page compression, full page overview and zoom, multiple tab support, bookmarks, speed dial, synchronization through Opera Link etc. It has an intuitive UI which improves your browsing efficiency coupled with the tab support. The best thing about Opera Mobile is that it's free.

    You can download it here: Opera Mobile Download.

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    xplore Xplore is the best file manager application for Symbian S60 phones. It is packed with functionality and features and is very fast. It is actually a premium app but you can use the application for free for as long as you like, with a delayed app start up time.

    It allows you to view all of your drives, folders and files in a tree view. You can also check your hidden ROM drives. It allows you to manipulate your folders and files by creating, deleting, and editing them as you like. You can also edit text files and read them using the built-in text viewer. You can extract ZIP and RAR files directly and also send files using Bluetooth. It can also be used to view Word documents and HTML files. It comes with an automatic update feature and a hex viewer and editor. You can even play audio and video files directly within Xplore.

    You can download it here: Xplore Download.

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    fring Fring is basically an IM social networking client which runs on multiple platforms including Symbian. It allows you to chat with your Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ chat accounts on your mobile. It also supports the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Orkut etc. It has a nice, intuitive, tabbed interface which you can use to simultaneously log in to all of your accounts at once and stay connected on your mobile. You can also make free calls using Fring.

    It is easily one of the best IM apps for Symbian S60. You can get it here for free: Fring Download.

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    Google Maps

    google-maps Google Maps is one of the most well known mapping apps available on many platforms. Google Maps is also available for Symbian and is free. There's little doubt it is amongst the best free Nokia S60 software you'll find. It has many superb features. It allows you to search for places, get directions to a particular location and much more.

    You can view the world's maps on your mobile phone using Google Maps. It supports two views: Map view and Satellite view. You can zoom in deep within the map to view detailed street level data. It also comes with support for GPS enabled devices. For those phones that don't have GPS, it uses network triangulation to show your approximate location. It also has Google Latitude integration.

    You can get it here: Google Maps Download.

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    Nokia Messaging

    Nokia-Messaging Nokia Messaging is one of the best email clients available for Nokia Symbian phones. It was launched only for the E Series devices but now supports a lot of S60 smartphones by Nokia. It allows you to access and manage all of your email across multiple accounts in a single place.

    It supports the POP, IMAP and SMTP protocols and works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Ovi Mail, Google Apps and all POP/IMAP email accounts.

    You can get it here: Nokia Messaging.


  • All screenshots courtesy of the developers via the links above.