How to Download Torrents on Your Symbian Phone Using SymTorrent

SymTorrent supports downloading more than one torrent at once, while also seeding them and resuming the downloads after you exit the application. The program is free and can be downloaded from here.

There are two versions available currently, the one with the tracker is an experimental option, but during my testing it appears to work fine. In fact both versions work flawlessly on almost all N series phones. I can personally vouch for the units I tested, specifically on the Nokia N78, N95 and N81 models.

Step By Step Download Guide For SymTorrent

1. Download SymTorrent from the link I provided at the start of this article.

2. Place a .torrent file on your phone. I'd recommend that you transfer it to a known location on the phone via your USB cable since torrents sent via Bluetooth automatically open up in text editors. You can also find a .torrent file by browsing to a torrent website via your phone's Internet browsing application and then saving the file to the location of your choosing.

3. Now open up SymTorrent and select 'Add torrent' from the menu.

4. Browse to the location of the .torrent file on your phone and select it.

That's pretty much it for starting the download process. The application will immediately begin giving you a live status of the upload and download speed for the file and the amount of data downloaded.

One limitation of the application is that it doesn't allow you to set a limit for the upload and download speeds, but if you're planning to use this application regularly then I think it hardly matters.

SymTorrent Tips – Getting Started

1. Make sure you have a legal tracker because there are a lot of illegal ones out there.

2. Using a domestic Wi-Fi connection or having an unlimited 3G, GPRS or EDGE plan is highly recommended before using this application because if you're planning to use this application regularly, then odds are that you're going to download hundreds of megabytes which would cost an enormous amount of money without some type of unlimited data plan.

3. Always check if you have enough space on your memory card before you start downloading. A memory card with a capacity of 4 GB or more is recommended.