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Review: Quickoffice Premier 6.0 - An Office Suite for your Symbian Phone: Part 3 - Quicksheet & Quickpoint

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 6/2/2011

In this article, I'm going to check out Quickoffice Premier 6.0 for Symbian Phones. Read on to find out more about it. In this final part of the review I will be looking at its spreadsheet capabilities and its Presentation Tool.

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    In the previous part of this review I had taken a look at how Quickoffice handles word processing. Read on to find out about how Quickoffice functions with spreadsheets and presentations.

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    Article Image Quicksheet opens up when you open an excel file from the file manager. You can browse through the cells in the spreadsheet and edit the contents of each cell individually. A variety of zoom modes are available, you can choose to utilize the entire screen to display the spreadsheet.

    Having a phone with a large screen such as a E90 or E71 is beneficial while using this application as you can view more cells at a particular time. You can change the formatting of each cell and set formulas for a range of cells. A context sensitive menu also appears giving you additional functions based on what cell you select. A go to cell feature even allows you to navigate to a particular cell without excessive scrolling. The usual functions present in the excel PC applications are present along with some additional functions. You can work with multiple spreadsheets and also open password protected spreadsheets.

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    Quickpoint1 Quickpoint opens Office 97 and 2003 ppt files but does not support pptx files created in Powerpoint 2007. You can then scroll through each slide and edit the text in them. This allows you to make small changes to your presentations on the go. You can open or close a slides content while scrolling through them. Images and comments can be inserted into the presentation. You can view an optimized outline of the entire presentation and make speaker notes.

    Quickpoint works well for quick editing of powerpoint files. You can make any last minute changes to your presentation before important meetings without compromising the original presentation.

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    Overall Quickoffice is impressive and is currently the only office suite for Symbian 3rd edition phones with Office 2007 file support. It has a great interface and is a must buy for any road warrior who intends to get any office related work done on his phone.

    Quickoffice is priced at just $10 and is currently being offered at discounted pricing. You can download a trial of the application from here.