How to Record Voice Calls on a Symbian Phone

There have been many occasions when recording a conversation over the phone is very important. Whether it is to record a conversation for easy transcription later or otherwise, there are ways to record mobile conversations.

Nokia Phone Recorder (3 out of 5)

Starting with the most basic application, the inbuilt Nokia phone recorder. On an N95, it is possible to record phone conversations with this recorder. However, the process is a little messy, and I am not sure whether it works on other models.

To record a conversation, first the call must be active. After that, the recorder must be switched on. It is important to switch on the recording feature after the call is active otherwise it goes into a paused mode. Activating a recording after a call is active is a little complicated, as when a call is active, navigating into the phone whilst on the call requires the use of a headset or loudspeaker. Once the record button is pressed, then a beep will sound periodically during the conversation. The pros of this method is that the audio quality is excellent, and that there is no need for a third party software.

CallRecorder (5 out of 5)

CallRecorder is an excellent tool, because it addresses many of the various issues that concern call recording. Firstly, the application needs to be running all the time; that way, as per settings, calls can be recorded as and when required. The best feature of this application is that the recording can be done automatically, and in case a call needn’t be recorded, that setting is also available.

The software can organize these settings whether the number is known, not known, a contact, a group setting, and many permutations and combinations besides. It is also feasible to set actions for these rules: like ask before record, all incoming, and more.

Xelnex Lite (4 out of 5)

An application made by Psiloc, Xelnex Lite is a very simple application. It allows the user to choose their settings like automatic recording or enabling beeps. There are some phones which do not allow the beeps to be turned off, but these make up a very small percentage.

This application is good because it has the option of saving the sound files in multiple formats, and the sound files can be transmitted to and from various devices using Bluetooth, MMS and Infrared.

Ultimate Voice Recorder (5 out of 5)

Ultimate Voice Recorder is a heavy duty application, taking call recording to an entirely new dimension. The software is Symbian Signed, eliminating all potential hassles in that direction. It has some very useful features, and it meant to be a business productivity tool.

It is possible to dial a number from a voice recording, automatically email or forward recordings, archive recorded clips based on phone numbers as well as timestamps, among many more. This application is definitely a great one, although not meant for personal individual calls.

Of course, there are ethical considerations before recording anyone’s conversation. Both parties must be aware of the recording, and have the right to choose whether or not to be recorded.