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Nokia 6790 Versus Nokia E71

written by: S. R. Obbayi•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/22/2011

It may not be fair to make a comparison between the Nokia 6790 and the Nokia E71 smartphones. These are phones that have a different target audience, but nevertheless this article provides a good insight into these two phones.

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    Nokia E71 Before making a comparison between the Nokia 6790 and Nokia E71 smartphones there are a few things we need to keep in mind to come up with a fair verdict. For one, the most unique thing about the Nokia 6790 Surge smartphone is that it is optimized for usage on the AT&T network and it is aimed at casual users. The Nokia E71 smartphone, on the other hand, is a general purpose smartphone built with the business user in mind. These two already seem to be worlds apart from each other. Other than the Nokia 6790 being a more recent release than the Nokia E71, what more can we compare these two smartphones on?

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    The Nokia 6790 and Nokia E71 smartphones bear designs that are quite different in every aspect. The Nokia E71 is a candy bar type smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard that is permanently in view. The phone is also slim and is quite small and sturdy. The Nokia 6790, is a side slider smartphone. The full QWERTY keyboard can be tucked away when not in use. This smartphone is quite bulky in depth unlike the Nokia E71, but is much shorter as far as length goes. This makes the Nokia 6790 look more like a square than a rectangle. The displays of both phones are roughly the same size with the Nokia 6790 being much lighter the Nokia E71. All in all these two smartphones contrast greatly as far as the design goes.

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    User Interface

    Nokia 6790 Surge The user interfaces of the Nokia E71 and the Nokia 6790 are almost identical, they are both based on Symbian OS 3rd edition. The difference here is that the Nokia E71 has the older Feature Pack 1 while the Nokia 6790 runs the Feature Pack 2. The other difference with the user interfaces is the AT&T menus that allow you to enjoy additional services from AT&T on the Nokia 6790. The Nokia E71 comes with the standard features that are found with most Nokia E-Series smartphones.

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    The Nokia 6790 comes with more internal storage at 128 MB compared to the Nokia E71 which comes with 110 MB. Both are capable of using external memory. The Nokia 6790 does not come with Wi-Fi, neither does it support infrared connectivity, while the Nokia E71 comes with both of these options. The Nokia E71 comes with a far superior camera at 3.15 MP and it has a secondary camera for video calls, while the Nokia 6790 is limited to a 2 MP camera and has no secondary camera.

    The Nokia E71 enjoys longer battery life in both standby mode or when in use. Both the Nokia 6790 and the Nokia E71 share the same applications and games in general. The Nokia 6790 has dedicated AT&T hardware buttons to access the AT&T features.

    The Nokia E71 makes up for its lack of built-in AT&T services with the Nokia E71x version, which makes it level off with the Nokia 6790.

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    As far as the comparison of the Nokia 6790 vs the Nokia E71 smartphones goes, there are quite a few subtle differences in the user interface. When examining the design, one sees a significant difference between these two smartphones. The differences in features are also subtle, except for the additional AT&T services that the Nokia 6790 boasts. This is in no way a disadvantage over the Nokia E71 as the Nokia E71x version takes care of it. All-in-all the Nokia E71 would be a better choice as it has a more mainstream design and comes with far great performance and superior hardware features.

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