Get all the info you need on Nokia mobile devices and smart phones. Nokia phones run on Symbian OS that allow a high level of personal information management. One of the first of Nokia’s phones was the Nokia Communicator in 2001. You’ll find your options have no expanded to many new and different cell phones, smartphones and mobile devices with increasingly more sophisticated operating systems down to the current v9.5.
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Review of the Nokia E6: Design and User Interface

Does size really matter? The Nokia E6 is an ultra small business mobility smartphone that brings the Nokia E-series of phones into the next generation. See what this smartphone, with the OS nick-named Symbian Anna, has to offer.

Review of the Nokia X7

With a large 4 inch display and an enhanced OS on the Nokia X7, how does this entertainment oriented smartphone change the game for Symbian based Nokia smartphones in today’s mobile ecosystem? Read on for details.

Comparing the Nokia 6790 vs Nokia E71 Smartphones

It may not be fair to make a comparison between the Nokia 6790 and the Nokia E71 smartphones. These are phones that have a different target audience, but nevertheless this article provides a good insight into these two phones.

A Review of the Nokia X1-00

If you are a music phone lover (and a Nokia fan), you are in for a treat because Nokia has launched the new Nokia X1-00. It is cheap and it doubles as a loud MP3 player. Find out if it is for you in this Nokia X1-00 review.

The Best Nokia E63 Apps

A smartphone is never that interesting without apps that make full use of the phone’s capabilities. Here is a list of ten Nokia E63 apps that can improve the Nokia E63’s appeal.

Guide to the Best Symbian MP3 Player

If you are looking for a Symbian MP3 player with great sound quality, performance and features to manage your music and play-lists then you need to have a look at this compilation of MP3 music players.

Review Of Nokia 5530 Classic

The Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is an absolutely great phone, especially for music lovers, as it offers many music features, has excellent audio performance and is available at a reasonable price. But should you buy one?

Nokia C6 vs C7 – Which is Best?

Nokia have again added another Cseries phone to their product line – the Nokia C7. Let’s find out if the latest model is worth buying when compared to its counterpart the C6 – Nokia C6 vs C7.

Review Of Nokia 6120 Classic

The Nokia 6120 classic is a candy bar design smart phone. It is small, lightweight, practical , and easy to use.

Detailed Review Of Nokia 6300

The Nokia 6300 is a classical, stylish and solid phone. It has good multimedia features, a beautiful stainless steel finish and is really easy to use.

Nokia 7610 Review – Design, Features, Performance

The Nokia 7610 is a stylish and attractive phone. It is perfect for people who like unconventional curves and lines in their phones. It comes loaded with useful applications and has an average overall performance.

Review of the Nokia 3710 Fold

The Nokia 3710 is a mid-budget clam-shell cell phone. Its chic style and good ergonomics make it one of the best clam-shell cell phones from Nokia.

Nokia 2630 Review – Part One

The Nokia 2630 has very basic features and was first released in 2007. It comes for a very low price and is targeted at those seeking a cell phone for basic purposes like making calls and sending text messages.

Top Ten Nokia 5230 Apps

Are you looking for Nokia 5230 apps so as to get the most out of your Nokia 5230 Nuron? If so then you are in the right place. Here you will find a round up of the must have Nokia 5230 apps and utilities for your Nokia phone.