Samsung Mobile Phone Reviews

This is where you'll find reviews of all the models of Samsung cell phones released. There are rated sections giving you an excellent overview of each Samsung mobile phone and helping you to decide which one to go for. From smartphones to Samsung QMDs everything is covered here.

Samsung Moment Review

Review of the features and design of the Samsung Moment. There were some hiccups when the phone was released but a new software version has corrected a number of the issues, unfortunately a brick-like design cannot be corrected by a software update.

Samsung Galaxy S Review: Specifications, Design and Display

The Samsung Galaxy S is still one of the best Android smartphones available. It sports an excellent 4 inch display, powerful hardware and a great 5 MP camera. It was released with Android 2.1 but got an upgrade to 2.2. The follow up has now been released but this is still a good option.

Review : Samsung Saga

The Samsung Saga is a Windows Mobile smartphone that provides mobile services and tools, the best-in-class optical mouse and a great feel. If you are looking for a professional smartphone that provides completely different user experiences, this may be the best choice.

Samsung T301 Slider Phone Review

The Samsung T301 slider phone is a simple phone with modest features. The phone is recommended to those in need of a cheap mobile phone.

A437 Samsung Cell Phone Detailed Review

The Samsung A437 is a very simple but functional phone. Many A437 Samsung cell phone reviews indicate that the phone is solidly built and features very basic text and multimedia messaging functions.

Review of the Samsung Gravity

Is the Samsung Gravity the next best thing in messaging phones or just another failed attempt at QWERTY? Find out if the latest attempt from Samsung to merge messaging capabilities with a full QWERTY slider design is a success or just another entry-level messaging phone.

Samsung Galaxy S Preview

The Samsung Galaxy S I9000 is one of the best Android smartphones known to mankind. It will be available soon and combines Android 2.1 (Android 2.2 coming soon) with excellent hardware specifications. It also sports one of the best mobile displays – a gorgeous 4 inch AMOLED touchscreen display.

Samsung Jack Review: Design and User Interface

A look at the Jack, Samsung’s latest expedition into the business professional market for Windows Mobile smartphones. See how the Samsung Jack stands up against its competition such as the Blackberry Curve.