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Samsung Google Nexus Two Preview

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/4/2010

Do we need another Google Nexus phone? It looks like we might be on the brink of witnessing the launch of another Google co-branded smartphone. Read on to find out the latest news, rumors, image leaks and every bit of information about the Google Nexus Two phone.

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    Google Nexus Two - Who's Making It?

    google nexus two A couple of weeks ago, rumors broke that the Google Nexus Two is being currently manufactured and not by HTC. This time, the Google co-branded Nexus Two phone will be a Samsung phone. In fact, some speculated that it might be a rebranded and redesigned Samsung Galaxy phone. Another rumor that came out some time before Samsung's press event on November 8 is that the company was about to announce the Samsung-Google Nexus Two smartphone. But it didn't push through, instead Samsung launched the Samsung Continuum, another variation on the Samsung Galaxy S. But still, it is definitely Samsung that is going to manufacture and release the Google Nexus Two.

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    Google Nexus Two Preview - Features and OS

    When it comes to features, of course we all expect that the Nexus Two should be better than its predecessor, the Google Nexus One. If early rumors and speculations of its features and specs hold true, we may indeed be looking at a more powerful and better performing Google Nexus Two in the future.

    So, what are the possible features and specs of the Google Nexus Two? First and foremost, it will be running on the latest Android OS, version 2.3 otherwise known as Gingerbread. In addition, the Google Nexus Two will have a 1.2GHz processor, 5MP camera, 16GB internal memory, 512MB of RAM and a 4-inch AMOLED screen display which is pretty standard among Samsung Galaxy phones.

    Plus of course, the Google Nexus Two will also have all the bells and whistles of a full-featured Samsung Galaxy smartphones such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm headphone jack and more. Design-wise, the Google Nexus Two phone will sport a combo of plastic and metal finish, which again is common among Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

    Now, here's the interesting part, the Google Nexus Two is also being rumored to support multiple carriers. Although its radios are still unknown, what the rumors are sure about is that T-Mobile will be among the first to carry the Google Nexus Two phone.

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    Google Nexus Two - Availability and Other Known Information

    Prior to Samsung's press event on November 8, it was rumored that the Google Nexus Two phone would be coming out last month. Well, it's already December and still we don't have any announcement about it yet. So, when can we expect to see the Google Nexus Two phone released then? Well, one consideration that we should look into is the fact that it will run Android 2.3, which until now is still not officially released by Google. If Android 2.3 is coming out any day now, well we might see the Google Nexus Two phone released later this month if not in January or February.

    Another important piece of information that was revealed sometime in November was the Google Nexus Two's official name when it is released - the Nexus S.

    Finally, none other than Google's CEO Eric Schmidt gave an unofficial demo of what he had as a demo unit of the Nexus S. And from what the photos revealed, the Nexus Two looks like a pretty good-looking Samsung smartphone indeed.

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    Image credit

    Photos of the Google Nexus Two aka Nexus S courtesy of Engadget.