How To’s and Guides for your Motorola Mobile Phone

This topic is all about offering useful information and handy tips to Motorola mobile phone owners. There are various guides to assist you in learning how to use your Motorola smartphone and how to get it to do the things you want. No need to refer to the manual because with the easy to read guides available here you'll be sorted.

How to Sync Motorola RAZR to PC

The Motorola RAZR mobile phone can be synced to your PC so that you can back up important information. In order to sync your phone to your PC, you need to use the Motorola Mobile PhoneTools software. Let’s take a look at the process.

How to Manage Your Droid Contacts

Having trouble trying to figure out how to sync your Droid contacts with Outlook, or even just having trouble editing your contacts? In this article you will find out how to edit your contacts, and learn how to sync Droid contacts with Microsoft Outlook.