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Top Java Apps for Android

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/7/2010

Motorola Droid Java application programs are free for download from various websites. Learn five of the essential apps for the Motorola Droid in this article.

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    Motorola Droid

    Android phones such as the Motorola Droid are becoming more popular among mobile phone users thanks to their powerful applications. Motorola Droid Java application programs can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on your phone to perform different tricks. Here is a listing of five essential Motorola Droid Java application programs found on the Internet.

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    Shopsavvy The Shopsavvy app is an important app to have for any shopaholic. With this app, anyone can get the best value for just about every product. It allows users to scan the bar code found on any product with the help of the Motorola Droid camera and check the prices of the said product online for the best deals. Users can also get reviews of the product online, and even get alerted whenever the product’s price drops to their preferred range. There is also a wish list tool that creates a listing of the items previously scanned by the user, as well as a history function that creates and maintains an inventory of items previously scanned.

    For more information, read the detailed review of Shopsavvy.

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    Meebo Meebo allows users to keep connected on all of their instant messaging accounts while they roam around with their Motorola Droid. The app links different and multiple instant messaging platforms into a single application that can be kept running on the device. The device supports IM platforms such as MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk. MySpace IM, Jabber and ICQ. The application can also enable its users to create and save a log of all the chats that have been made while online.

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    Google Sky Map

    Google Sky Map Google Sky Map is the best way of enjoying star gazing on the Droid. With this app, users can enjoy real time star gazing. The user simply has to point the Droid at the sky in order to see the stars and constellations up there. The app allows users to see the stars as they would view them using a telescope. When the phone is tilted towards the sky, users can see the stars thanks to the compass, GPS and tilt-sensors incorporated in the phone.

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    Twidroid Twidroid is a Twitter app available for free download. This application offers most of the essential Twitter functions one would need. Users can view their Twitter accounts and send tweets, retweet, follow and unfollow different users, and view different users' profiles. The app also comes with more advanced features such as automatic shortening of the URL, saving searches, posting of photos, and geotagging support.

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    Google Voice

    Google Voice This easy to use app enables users to make outgoing calls using their Google Voice number with the simple touch of a key right from their contacts lists. Users can also gain quick access to their voicemails as well as converting these voicemails into text through this app's voicemail transcription feature. Users now have the option to listen or to read voicemails which is similar to reading email messages. Users also have the advantage of using the Google Voice free text messaging and can make international calls for a low price. This last application is surely a must-have.

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