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Top Five Motorola Android Phones

There are currently six Android-powered phones released by Motorola, with the latest Droid X already in the pre-order stage. If you’re planning to get a Motorola Android-powered phone, check out our list of top Motorola Phones running on Android.

Motorola Krave ZN4 In-Depth Review

The Motorola Krave Zn4 is one of the most impressive and innovative handsets to come out of Motorola’s labs over the past few years. It will catch your eye with its unique clam shell design and innovative touch interface. Learn more about this brilliant mobile with our complete review.

Review: Motorola EM330

The Motorola EM330 is a light weight and feature-packed handset but nothing makes it stand out in the rapidly-growing market. However, for adults or teenagers looking for a phone that can play their music, the EM330 is a good option.