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How to Manage Your Droid Contacts

Having trouble trying to figure out how to sync your Droid contacts with Outlook, or even just having trouble editing your contacts? In this article you will find out how to edit your contacts, and learn how to sync Droid contacts with Microsoft Outlook.

Review Of Motorola WX345

The Motorola WX345 is a simple, decent and easy-to-use flip phone. It comes in either silver or red colorways and doesn’t have a high price tag at all.

Detailed Review of the Motorola KRZR K1

The Motorola Krzr K1 is a stylish clamshell feature phone. It won’t suit anyone seeking a high-tech mobile with high performance but the slim form factor and decent specs may tempt some people. The Krzr K1 is aimed at the younger, non-business market, and is available at very affordable prices.

The Motorola Bali: A Contract-free Mid-range Mobile Phone

The Motorola Bali might not be the best mid-range phone, but it is a respectable communication device for Boost Mobile users with a price of $149.99 and free of any contract. Equipped with basic features, the Bali does little to distinguish itself from all the other basic Motorola phones.

AT&T’s Motorola V600 Review: The First Quad-band Phone

The Motorola V600 mobile phone combines high-end business related features along with customizable style options that can satisfy the needs of most customers. AT&T’s Motorola V600 is the first quad-band GSM phone that is capable of operating globally wherever GSM is located.

Motorola i886: Rugged PTT Phone Reviewed

The Motorola i886 is another tough mobile phone from Motorola on the Sprint Nextel network. Find out what sets this one apart and makes it worth checking out.