Smartphone Docks and Chargers

There are so many docking stations and chargers out there to choose from that it can be tough to decide. In this topic we review and round up various iPhone docking stations and other charging docks, speakers and alarm clocks which support smartphones. We find the best devices out there for charging your mobile phone.

Best BlackBerry Docking Stations

A ‘must have’ accessory for your BlackBerry is a docking station. How else would you watch your favorite videos and listen to your playlist for as long as you want, without having to hold the phone in your hands? Find the most convenient and beneficial way to perform all these tasks plus much more.

Top Smartphone Car Mounts

Use a smartphone car mount to securely hold the phone while you drive. The Arkon CM920 Gooseneck Mount & Universal Holder, iGrip Charging Dock, and Magellan Premium Car Kit are among the highest rated car mounts for smartphones. iGrip’s vent mount and cigarette lighter mount round out the list.

Review of AirCurve Play for iPhone 4

Looking for a sound amplification system for iPhone 4? Find out how AirCurve Play stacks up against the competition. In this in-depth review, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of AirCurve Play for iPhone 4 and whether it’s worth your money.

Best Smartphone Charging Solutions

Your regular charger broke, or your cat chewed through it, or maybe you spilt half a bottle of Gatorade on it. Whatever the case, you need a new charging solution for your smartphone. Fear not! We have both home and mobile solutions for you, so let’s get to it!

Buying a Cell Phone Car Charger

If you need a mobile phone charger for your car, be sure to check out this guide. Here we look for the best cell phone car charger that won’t break the bank. Don’t let the name brands fool you. Is it really worth spending over $30 for a simple cell phone car charger?

Review of the IDAPT i3: Take The Lead – The Electric Lead That Is

If you have lots of devices, then you know what a pain it is to always be looking for the charger. My iPhone gets a big play but I’m not always near a USB port. How about a solution that doesn’t require a USB port or individual chargers? How about a charging station? How about an IDAPT?

Juicebar Pocket Solar Charger: Get Some Sun For Your iPhone

The sun may be dangerous for your health if you stay out in it too long but it can be good for your iPhone. Kiss that AC or USB socket goodbye. When your iPhone gets hungry juice it up with the Juicebar Pocket Solar Charger instead. Make the rays of the sun work for you.