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TuneLink Auto Review: Bluetooth to FM Transmitter

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/4/2010

The Tunelink Auto is an advanced in-car audio device that provides a connection between your iPhone, iPad or iPod, and your vehicle’s sound system. Once you’ve paired your device with TuneLink Auto, you’re all set to listen to your favorite music from your vehicle’s FM radio.

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    The New Potato Technologies company has launched the TuneLink Auto for the iPhone, iPod and the iPad, to enable iOS device consumers to connect to Tunelink Auto Bluetooth to FM transmitter their vehicle’s stereo system via Bluetooth. At a glance the TuneLink Auto looks like a classic cigarette adapter, which isn’t of much benefit, but actually it is a thing of great use.

    The TuneLink Auto is an innovative wireless solution that works with FM radio and Bluetooth. The device sends audio from your iPhone, iPod and iPad to the vehicle’s sound system, and allows multiple passengers to play their tunes also via the single wireless connection.

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    Using the TuneLink Auto

    The TuneLink Auto consists of a short-range FM transmitter and a Bluetooth transceiver. In a typical car dashboard the device pops into a standard 12 volts cigarette socket. The TuneLink Auto is controlled through a free application, available from iTunes App Store . Once you’ve downloaded the app into your device, using TuneLink Auto is as easy as A, B, C…tunelink auto app 

    The TuneLink Auto application gives you access to all your music controls from a single app screen. The Speedtune feature of the app scans frequencies and locates the station that provides high quality playback. And once the stations have been located, you can save them to your favorites for quick access at a later time.

    To use TuneLink Auto, you simply have to pair your iPhone, iPod or iPad with the TuneLink Auto via Bluetooth. Once the connection between the devices has been established, the TuneLink Auto automatically starts transmitting the audio to the vehicle’s radio, within the accessible range of the FM transmitter. And if you want, you can also use a wired connection between TuneLink Auto and your vehicle’s sound system, if the vehicle has a secondary input.

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    The TuneLink Auto comes with advanced audio enhancing capabilities. Its noise elimination feature efficiently eliminates noise and interference, hence enhancing the audio listening experience. The TuneLink Auto also features a 2.1 USB port for charging up USB devices. So whenever you need to charge your phone’s battery, you can take advantage of TuneLink Auto for this job, too.

    If there is a call whilst listening to the music, the TuneLink Auto is smart enough to switch to headset. This way you don’t have to mess with the cables or device’s settings to take the call while you are driving. Another feature provided by TuneLink Auto is that the same TuneLink Auto Bluetooth connection can be shared by numerous users, at the same time. This allows multiple users to play the music through the vehicle’s speakers. While there is no voice support for the device, the exclusive TuneLink Auto “Share” feature allows multiple users in the same vehicle to share the same TuneLink connection, allowing everyone to participate in sharing their tunes.

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    The Verdict

    The TuneLink Auto is a great gadget of 2010, and a perfect gift for a loved one. If you happen to be a new owner of an iPhone, iPad or iPod, the TuneLink Auto is worth admiring, especially if you’re a music lover.

    You can buy this awesome device directly from New Potato’s online store. Or if you want to shop in the stores or other online retailers, then you will have to wait until mid-December when it is likely to become available. And you will just need $99.99 to get it!