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Best Nokia 5310 Accessories

written by: ContessaD•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/22/2010

The Nokia 5310 is one excellent phone with remarkable multi-media features. Using the device will be more fun with the help of Nokia 5310 accessories. Here are 5 highly rated add-ons including a Battery, Hands-free Headset, Screen Protector, Connectivity Cable and Classic Case.

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    Li-Ion Battery - 860 mAh

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    Li-Ion Battery - 860 mAh One highly rated option among Nokia 5310 accessories is the lithium battery which has 860 mAh capacity. It can serve as a standby battery for the Nokia 5310, or as a replacement to provide assurance to its users that they are always connected. This battery should have an initial charge of 24 hours with the Nokia 5310 turned off. Once fully charged, this battery can provide longer talk time and standby time to the device. With a 1-year warranty from Nokia, this battery is considered a good buy for a discounted price of only $13.63.

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    Stereo Handsfree Headset

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    Stereo Handsfree Headset This stereo handsfree headset allows users to make hands free voice calls or listen to their radio and audio files. This is an excellent replacement for an original Nokia 5310 handsfree headset. A top-notch accessory that delivers quality and clear sound which will let users fully enjoy listening to their favorite music and having a phone conversation without any distractions. It is easy to use with simple controls for microphone, mute, answer and end calls, and volume control. It is also compatible with the Push to Talk features of the 5310. This Nokia headset connects to the 3.5mm headset jack and it sells for $9.98.

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    Reusable Transparent Screen Protector

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    Reusable Transparent Screen Protector This screen protector can shield the Nokia 5310 screen from scratches and dust, ensuring that it retains its glossy appearance for a long time. It is also waterproof and it guarantees display protection from unwanted and harmful elements. It is superbly thin and transparent, protecting the display without compromising the clarity of the screen. Its custom design fits the phone’s screen perfectly. This screen protector comes with a cleaning cloth and retails for $2.27.

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    Connectivity Cable - 8 inches

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    Connectivity Cable - 8 inches This connectivity cable can help Nokia 5310 users in transferring files and charging their phones through their computer. This is a lightweight accessory that allows users to transfer data like music and photos from their computer to their Nokia 5310. Users can also charge their phone through their computer. It is a perfect accessory for all Nokia 5310 users who enjoy the multi-media functions of their device. This connectivity cable measures 8 inches and it is sold at an affordable price of $3.69.

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    Krusell Classic Case

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    Krusell Classic Case This classic case by Krusell is perhaps the best case for the Nokia 5310 available in the market. It may also be theKrusell Classic Case  most stylish protective cover for this particular device. It comes with precise cutouts allowing users to use the various ports of their 5310 while it is covered by the case. It is made of high quality leather ensuring longer use. The Nokia case comes with a built in zipper to protect the handset. A plastic cover protects the LCD and keypad from scratches and dust. It also has a multidapt base unit allowing use of various clips for added convenience. This one stands out among Nokia 5310 accessories because it is currently being offered at more than 50% off the original price. It is now being sold at just $14.50.

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