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Best Samsung Intercept Accessories

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/22/2010

If you are looking for Samsung Intercept accessories, you should concentrate on the ones that offer protection, backup battery life and extra memory for your phone. The Samsung Intercept is a multimedia Android phone so it needs to have all the power and extra memory it can get.

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    The Samsung Intercept is an Android phone geared towards the delivery of high end multimedia applications to music lovers. It is not just about listening to music and watching videos, though. This smartphone offers a lot more features and if the built-in apps are not enough for you, you can install more from the Android Market. As for the physical smartphone itself, you can enhance your experience with it by making use of Samsung Intercept accessories. Here are some recommended accessories if you are thinking of what to get for your Samsung Intercept.

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    GTMax Windshield Car Mount Holder with Large Suction Cup

    GTMax Windshield Car Mount Holder A car mount holder is your best solution for keeping your Samsung Intercept in reach but still keeping it secure, especially if you are a fast driver. This car mount holder provides that kind of access and security via its adjustable and flexible arm that you can set in a manner that is most convenient for you, and its firm design which makes sure that any kind of impact or vibration will not cause your smartphone to tumble down and roll around the inside of your car. Its powerful suction cup lets you place it either on your windshield or on your dashboard.

    Price: $7.99.

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    Kingston 16GB MicroSD Memory Card

    Kingston 16GB MicroSD Memory Card Since the Samsung Intercept is focused on being a stellar multimedia smartphone, it is quite natural for you to have your library of music or videos on your smartphone. If it is too large, you can use this memory card for additional disk space. With 16GB of external memory, you can have a huge library of audio files right in your pocket. If you are transfering data from your phone to any other device that supports MicroSD memory cards, this accessory can prove invaluable too.

    Price: $64.99.

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    ZAGG InvisibleShield

    Invisible Shield If you want to protect your Samsung Intercept's screen from scratches and dirt, you will need a screen protector. This one from ZAGG is made of materials also used in the military, which means you can be assured that it is of top quality. It is also very thin, which means it will not modify the way you view your screen because it is practically invisible. If you ever decide to remove it, you can easily do so without worrying about your screen getting sticky since the InvisibleShield does not leave any residue.

    Price: $13.55.

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    Altec Lansing Orbit iM207 Ultra Portable Speaker

    Portable Speaker Being a smartphone which focuses on multimedia playback, the Samsung Intercept will probably be used all the time to play music for the user, and sometimes, for their friends as well. To maximize the music coming from the Samsung Intercept, you can use this portable speaker that is lightweight and very compact, but is still a very capable provider of quality sound. It projects sounds in all directions thanks to its cone design, giving you the maximum audio experience with minimum space required for the speaker. You can buy it for $34.99.

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    M910 Rapid Home Travel Wall Charger, Rapid Car Charger and USB Data Charge Sync Cable

    Charger and Data Cable One of the most important Samsung Intercept accessories is a charger. This combo of accessories provides you with 3 ways to charge your phone. It covers all the bases of mobile phone charging: wall charging, car charging and USB cable charging. You are assured that your battery will never die if you have these chargers with you all the time.

    Price: $4.21

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