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Best HTC 7 Trophy Accessories

written by: ContessaD•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/7/2010

The HTC 7 Trophy can be enjoyed more with the use of various HTC 7 Trophy accessories. Here are 5 highly recommended accessories, namely Wall & Car Charger, Audio FM Transmitter, Blue LED Professional Car Charger, Auto Flexible Windshield Holder and Retractable Charge & Sync USB Cable with Pouch.

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    Charging USB Cable + Travel Wall / AC Charger + DC / Vehicle Car Charger

    3 pcs. Power Pack Get everything you need for the HTC 7 Trophy with this all-in-one kit. Save on money with this accessory kit which features a wall travel charger, car charger, and USB charger and data cable. The wall travel charger is ideal for frequent travelers as it can be easily slipped into a bag. The car charger is perfect for motorists who own an HTC 7 Trophy. The USB charger and data cable also allows charging from any computer or any USB capable device, as well as syncing the phone with another computer. This 3 piece power pack of HTC 7 Trophy accessories costs $29.99.

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    Audio FM Transmitter

    Audio FM Transmitter HTC 7 Trophy owners seeking to enhance their audio experience should get this accessory. With this accessory, users can hear clear and rich audio even as they are charging their phone in the car. The FM transmitter can pull the entire FM frequency spectrum from 88.1 to 107.9, while an advanced digital sound coding allows stable and clear sound. It sells for $34.95 with an integrated car charger included.

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    Blue LED Professional Car Charger

    Blue LED Professional Car Charger Owners of the HTC 7 Trophy can keep their handsets recharged anywhere they go with this blue LED car charger. This charger is made of high quality ABS plastic and comes in an ergonomic design assuring durability, good looks and long lasting performance. The coiled wire extends up to 6 feet in length to allow users to have more flexibility in charging their phone. This lightweight car charger is priced at $9.99.

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    Auto Flexible Windshield Holder

    Auto Flexible Windshield Holder This auto windshield holder by Gomadic is a great way to keep the HTC 7 Trophy within the driver’s reach even while driving. The windshield holder keeps the HTC 7 Trophy in a vertical position for a comfortable viewing angle. It is highly efficient and will safely hold the device for convenient use and access of the driver. It also comes with a car charger so that users stay connected all the time. The accessory is designed to prevent scratches and skidding, with extra thick rubber pads located on the side to protect the gadget. Also included is a gooseneck that is capable of absorbing vibrations. This accessory sells for $39.95.

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    Retractable Charge & Sync USB Cable with Pouch

    Retractable Charge & Sync USB Cable This accessory allows users of the HTC 7 Trophy to charge their gadgets using their computer, as well as sync and transfer data like video, music, pictures and other files. The USB cable by OrionGadgets retracts the wires using a light tug, so users will no longer have to be bugged by the long cables that usually get messed and tangled up. It is indeed a simple way of charging and syncing the HTC 7 Trophy with any computer. This is one of the must-haves among HTC 7 Trophy accessories and it sells for $10.10.

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