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Best Accessories for the LG Bliss

written by: ContessaD•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 6/16/2011

The LG Bliss is a highly popular mobile phone due to its good array of features and lightweight construction. Users of the phone will get to enjoy using the device more by getting accessories for their LG Bliss. This article lists some of the best LG Bliss accessories.

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    MicroSDHC 16GB

    MicroSDHC 16GB One highly recommended buy when shopping for LG Bliss accessories is the professional MicroSDHC card with a powerful 16 gigabyte capacity. Store photos, videos and music on the LG Bliss with this microSD card specially designed for the handset. This microSD allows LG Bliss users to share their multimedia files with their friends, family members and peers conveniently. Because it's from Kingston, users can be assured of durability and excellent quality with this accessory. This amazing product, that has an ultra lightweight form and consumes minimal power from the device, is priced at $43.79.

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    Accessory Bundle

    Accessory Bundle This combo pack comes with a rapid car charger, a home charger, and a data cable. With the home charger, users of the LG Bliss can recharge their device conveniently at home any time they wish. The car charger on the other hand is perfect for LG Bliss users who are always on the road as it fits well with the cigarette lighter adapter of all vehicles. Lastly, the USB data cable syncs the LG Bliss with any computer through the USB port. The package also comes with a stars and stripes silicone wristband for free. Get this package for a mere $16.95.

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    Standard Li-Ion Battery

    Standard Li-Ion Battery Users of the LG Bliss can be assured of a longer battery life with this standard Li-Ion battery for the handset. This battery can be used as a standby battery for emergency situations. Being lightweight, the device can be kept at home or at work. It can even be slipped into a travel bag. The battery makes use of first class lithium ion technology that allows the LG Bliss to perform longer. This battery retails for $9.98.

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    3-Pack Combo Screen Protector

    3-Pack Combo Screen Protector Protect the LG Bliss screen with this combo screen protector. Made of high quality material, this screen protector keeps the LG Bliss screen scratch free without hampering visibility. The screen protector is also easy to attach, but is made of adhesive that won’t leave any ugly marks on the screen. It can be re-applied to the LG Bliss screen several times without damaging the surface of the LG Bliss screen. The screen protector is also custom-cut to fit well with the LG Bliss screen. This accessory is priced at $3.73.

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    Dashboard Mount with Gripmatic Phone Cradle

    Dashboard Mount with Gripmatic Phone Cradle This accessory by Arkon allows LG Bliss users to hold their device vertically by attaching the phone cradle to the dashboard. The adhesive base sticks easily to the dashboard, allowing the phone cradle to hold the LG Bliss vertically. The mount also has screws that can be used for more permanent mounting. This is one option among LG Bliss accessories that is truly worth having. This mount is competitively priced at $8.69.