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Protect Your LG Quantum

written by: Shanna James•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/2/2010

The LG Quantum is a popular slider smartphone which is part of the release line up for Windows Phone 7. This device features a full QWERTY slide out keyboard and a large 3.8 inch screen.

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    LG Quantum 

    It also features an amazing 5 megapixel camera capable of taking crisp and clean photographs as well as capturing video in 720p. Many users are already scrambling to purchase accessories and LG Quantum cases for the new smartphone as a means to prolong its life and keep it safe from damage. These are just a few of the most popular LG Quantum cases already on the market today.

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    Wilshire Smartphone Vertical Case

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    Wilshire Smartphone Vertical Case back Wilshire Smartphone Vertical Case front Wilshire Smartphone Vertical Case side The Wilshire Smartphone Vertical Case is one of the most durable cases for the LG Quantum. It is made of premium leather with white accent stitching along the seams. Its magnetic closure makes for a snug and secure fit for the LG Quantum, not to mention its velvety interior which will keep the smartphone safe from scratches and similar damage. This elegant case costs $19.95 and can be purchased at

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    Windsor Smartphone Horizontal Case

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    Windsor Smartphone Horizontal Case 

    Windsor Smartphone Horizontal Case back 

    Windsor Smartphone Horizontal Case front 

    This classic smartphone case features a nicely constructed and textured leather exterior. Each Windsor Smartphone Horizontal Case is created by hand and guaranteed to fit the LG Quantum securely inside. This case closes with the aid of a magnetic clip and features a belt clip on the back for added portability. The interior of the case is a dark velvet material which will not scratch the phone's surface. This LG Quantum case costs $19.95 and can be purchased at

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    Universal Cell Phone Pocket Pouch

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    Universal Cell Phone Pocket Pouch outside 

    Universal Cell Phone Pocket Pouch 

    This small and handy pocket pouch allows users to carry the LG Quantum around with no worry about scratches and damage. The case is nicely designed and appeals to people looking for stylish LG Quantum cases. This case is made from PU leather and is both durable and comfortable. The inside contains a smaller more snug pocket which can be used to insert the LQ Quantum while the outside of the inner bag can be used to carry around smaller objects. This stylish case costs $4.31 and can be purchased at

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    Black and White Flower Carrying Pouch

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    Black and White Flower Carrying Pouch 

    Black and White Flower Carrying Pouch other style 

    The Black and White Flower Carrying Pouch is a stylish bag which protects the LG Quantum from scratches. It also comes with a lanyard that can be used as a hand strap. This pouch comes in several different designs and colors for anyone looking for a fashionable pouch for their LG Quantum. The Black and White Flower Carrying Pouch can be purchased at for just $1.99.

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    Westham Smartphone Horizontal Case

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    Westham Smartphone Horizontal Case front 

    LQ Quantum cases made from genuine leather are the best types of cases as they promote the longevity of your phone as well as lasting you a very long time. The Westham Smartphone Horizontal Case is hand-made, features a silver buckle and closes with a magnetic closure. The clip on its back turns 360 degrees so it can be attached to a belt or purse in any position. The interior is made of a tan material and tan in color. The Westham Smartphone Horizontal Case LQ Quantum case can be purchased for $19.95 at

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    There are many different types of cases, in several styles and designs. New LQ Quantum cases are being developed every day to protect this stylish WP 7 smartphone.