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Best HTC 7 Pro Cases

written by: Shanna James•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/29/2010

HTC 7 Pro cases offer your phone protection from scratches, dents and damage while it is being jostled and carried around constantly. Find some of the best ones in this article.

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    HTC 7 Pro Cases

    htc-touch-pro-tomtom-7 There are many different types of HTC 7 Pro cases on the market today that offer unique designs, functionality and durability. Cases add a stylish and personalized look to any mobile phone. The best types of cases are those that are made to last and are usually constructed from genuine leather.

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    Wigan Case

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    Wigan Horizontal Case Wigan Horizontal Case multiple views The Wigan Horizontal case is made of premium leather. It features a woven design in a durable nylon material and has silver metallic accent strips. It fits the HTC 7 Pro smartphone horizontally on a belt or strap which prevents the case from accidentally detaching itself when sitting or moving around. The inside is tan and made of a soft lining giving it an additional chic appearance. The flap of the Wigan Case closes securely due to a magnetic clasp and the clip on its back rotates 360 degrees so it can attach to anything at any angle. The Wigan case costs $19.95 and can be purchased at

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    Waterloo Case

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    Waterloo Horizontal Case 

    Waterloo Horizontal Case back 

    Genuine and high quality leather HTC 7 Pro cases have always been the most popular types of cases on the market. The Waterloo Horizontal case is a genuine leather case that adds a touch of style and functionality to the HTC 7 Pro user. Each case is handmade with magnetic closures and a rotating belt clip. The outer skin is an ebony color while the inside is lined in a soft tan material. The Waterloo case costs $19.95 and can be purchased at

    Waterloo Horizontal Case side 

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    Winchester Case

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    Winchester Case 

    Winchester Case multiple views 

    Vertical HTC Pro 7 cases are popular for their ease in use. You only need to detach the tab at the top and pull out your smartphone. It is easy and quick. The Winchester case is a vertical case made from high quality leather. The inside is lined in a soft light brown material while the outside is a combination of dark leather and metal accents. It also comes with a durable swivel belt clip that turns 360 degrees. The outside is coated and weaved to promote its longevity despite heavy daily usage. The Winchester case can be purchased at for $19.95.

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    Warrington Pink Premium Case

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    Warrington Pink Premium Case 

    Warrington Pink Premium Case back 

    Young teenage girls everywhere love HTC 7 Pro cases that are brightly colored and designed with them in mind. The Warrington Premium case is made of pink premium leather with white hand stitching along its seams. This small portable case has a magnetic flap, expandable sides and a belt clip. The interior is a light pink soft velvet material which will keep the HTC 7 Pro free from scratches and dents. The pink Warrington Case costs $19.95 and can be purchased at

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    Winner Leather Case

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    Winner Leather Case 

    The Winner HTC 7 case is made of premium and durable leather. It features a fixed belt clip that spins 360 degrees so although the Winner case was developed as a horizontal holder it can be flipped into any position, even vertically. The inside of the case is lined in a soft tan material which keeps the phone safe and away from danger and the magnetic clasp is sturdy enough to keep the phone in place at all times. The Winner Leather case can be purchased at for $19.95.

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    These HTC 7 Pro cases are amongst the highest quality, most durable and stylishly designed cases available now. They help to ensure the HTC 7 Pro will be snug, secure and safe while being carried around. Users will no longer have to worry about the damage a phone can undergo in a pocket or handbag but can rest assured that HTC 7 Pro cases are great accessories for their smartphone.