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Best Motorola Backflip Accessories

written by: ContessaD•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/25/2010

Motorola Backflip accessories are highly fun and efficient add-ons to your device. These accessories will not only provide additional functionality but will also protect and give a whole new image to your Motorola Backflip phone. Here are 5 highly recommended accessories to choose from.

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    Executive Horizontal Leather Case with Belt Clip & Belt Loops

    Executive Leather Case For a professional and elegant look when you are carrying your Motorola Backflip around, this Executive Horizontal Leather case is highly recommended among Motorola Backflip accessories. It can be securely fastened to the belt with a clip and loops, ensuring safe carriage even for someone who moves around a lot. The black colored case can also look good with almost any kind of attire, especially business clothes. It also has custom made holes to let you easily access your phone. This highly recommended case is offered at a super affordable price of $0.02.

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    Premium Screen Protector - Crystal Clear

    Screen Protector It doesn't just accommodate your Motorola Backflip's screen but the screens of other types of smartphones as well. It sticks quite nicely to your mobile phone's screen without the use of adhesives. Hence, it does not leave any sticky residue. You can easily apply and remove it without compromising the cleanliness of the screen. This crystal clear screen protector is priced at $0.01 only.

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    Commuter Series Case

    Commuter Series Case For maximum protection from scratching or blemishes, you can make use of this Commuter Series Case by Otterbox. It envelopes the entire mobile phone while leaving necessary slots open so buttons and the camera can still be accessed even when the mobile phone is encased. Its protection relies on the materials used for this casing which include durable silicone, a clear protective film and a custom molded shell made of polycarbonate. That's 3 layers of protection in a compact casing. Even the most rugged owner of a Motorola Backflip will find it easy to keep their mobile phone safe without any hassle. This accessory for your Motorola Backflip costs $25.24.

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    Rubberized Protector Case - Black

    Rubberized Case If you want something softer encasing and shielding your mobile phone from scratches and blemishes, then this Rubberized Protector Case is the right one for you. It can be easily applied to your phone just by snapping it on. Removing it is just as easy. The case has custom made cut-outs for all the phones functions thus, you can easily access your Motorola Backflip even if it is still inside the case. It is also expertly made to perfectly fit your device without adding noticeable bulk. This is one amazing case that offers maximum protection to your device and costs $0.49 only.

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    Retractable Car Charger

    Retractable Car Charger If you have a regular car charger, you might sometimes experience getting the cable tangled on some parts of your car. This is not only inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous. To ensure usage of your charger in an orderly manner, a retractable car charger is an ideal solution. This particular charger is not messy. It is in fact effective and extremely convenient to have in your car especially if you travel a lot. This is another Motorola Backflip accessories that is worth having. This car charger costs $0.51.