Nokia N800 Replacement Earphones

Nokia N800 Replacement Earphones
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Grills (4 out of 5)

The Grills ear buds are a set of great Nokia N800 replacement earphones. They were specially designed as hip and fashionable street-wear earphones. They are a great addition to any outfit and fit snugly in the ear canal for added comfort. The Grills ear buds are available in black and can be purchased at

AcoustiMax (5 out of 5)

acoustimax earphones

AcoustiMax was developed by BoxWave to be a stylish and functional in-ear headphone. AcoustiMax produces an accurate range of sound and music. They also feature sound isolating ear caps which maximize comfort and audibility. They block out ambient noises with their slim build and aluminium 3.5mm plug. They are a great pair of Nokia N800 replacement earphones and retail for $22.95 at

Koss Featherweight (4 out of 5)

koss featherweight headphones

These stereo headphones are a portable replacement set for the Nokia N800 and feature a full range of sound and dynamic frequency response. It is an overhead headphone that has a contemporary and traditional aesthetic while offering sharp and innovative sound feedback. They fit well and are very lightweight and retail for $5.25 at

miniBuds (5 out of 5)

miniBuds headphones

miniBuds are another one of the great Nokia N800 replacement earphones that offer high quality audio and stereo sound. It is a very small and portable device with a retractable cord which stores in a small circular case connected to the headphone cord. Users will not have to worry about tangles or cord stretching. The design of the miniBuds have been reshaped to provide the highest level of sound performance. They also feature a convenient clip that snaps onto clothing for portability. The miniBuds earphones cost $22.95 and can be purchased at

KSS/10 by Koss (5 out of 5)

kss 10 headset

The KSS/10 headset is a behind-the-head designed earphone which is super light and offers great sound quality. These Nokia N800 replacement earphones offer a rich bass and wide treble and mid-range reception. Made entirely of mylar, these earphones will withstand the test of time and the foam ear cushions promote a snug and comfortable experience. These earphones cost £7.14 at

Samsung EP 340 (5 out of 5)

samsung ep 340 earphones

Samsung has developed an in-ear headphone which fits comfortably, is lightweight and is perfect for listening to music while on the go. It features a 3.5mm jack and input is a maximum of 40mW. These earphones offer noise reduction technology for the best music quality even in the noisiest of environments. This headset costs £6.99 at

Snake Eyes (5 out of 5)

snake eyes earphones

The Snake Eyes HangerBuds are a great and stylish set of Nokia N800 replacement earphones which have their roots in traditional headset design. They have a universal appeal to the casual music listener and the fitness fanatic due to their durable make and comfortable fit around the entire ear. This over-the-ear design translates well for people who are active and always on the go as they ensure a secure fit. These headphones cost £9.19 and can be purchased at

End Note

These are just some of the best Nokia N800 replacement earphones available today. Each headset offers high quality sound and music output, comfort and they come in various styles and colors.