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Best Nokia C6 Accessories

written by: ContessaD•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/22/2010

Nokia C6 accessories provide protection, additional storage and extended battery life to your mobile phone. In this article, we discuss 5 must-have accessories for all Nokia C6 users.

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    It looks like the N97, but the way the Nokia C6 handles it feels like it is the poor man's version of the N97. Even with its seemingly inferior quality, it is still a very capable mobile phone. It offers fast connectivity when browsing the web and it has a nifty set of home screen widgets that are fully customizable. Speaking of customizable, the way it performs and the feel can be improved with the use of Nokia C6 accessories. Here are 5 recommended accessories for the Nokia C6.

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    Kingston MicroSDHC 8GB Card

    MicroSDHC Card To improve the memory capacity of your mobile phone, you will need external storage space. The Kingston MicroSDHC 8GB card is totally capable of providing extra storage that can come in handy for music or video files on your Nokia C6. Its size makes it very portable and it also helps with saving battery life because it requires a minimal amount of battery power. Using this external storage device with your Nokia C6 gives you data portability that can come in really handy whether you are sharing data with co-workers, friends or family. A totally efficient accessory for only $15.89.

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    Tuff-Luv Microfibre Sox Pouch

    Tuff Luv Pouch To protect your mobile phone from scratches and even bumps and falls, you need a soft and sturdy pouch. Aside from adding protection to your Nokia C6, this pouch can also be used to clean your mobile phone's screen. If you have other devices that need protection, you can also use this pouch since it is compatible with a number of mobile devices provided that they fit inside the pouch. Its unique microfibre material makes sure that even if you put your device in the pouch or if you use it to clean your phone's screen, it will not cause any scratches. This costs $12.99 only.

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    MobiMan Genuine Leather Case w/ Belt Clip

    Leather Case If a soft pouch does not suit your style and you want something to protect and carry your Nokia C6 while providing you with an elegant and professional look, then this leather vertical case is perfect for you. Its magnetic flap provides a fast and easy way to access your mobile phone and at the same time secures your device in place. The included belt clip also provides the security and stability you need to keep your mobile phone safe no matter how active you are. For an affordable price of $9.95 you can elegantly protect your Nokia C6.

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    OrionGadgets Retractable Multi-Charger USB Kit

    Multi-Charger USB Kit This double purpose accessory allows charging of the device in your car or wherever there is a computer with a USB slot. This capability makes this accessory a must-have for people who are frequent travelers. The USB kit also has a unique retractable design that keeps the necessary cables in place, giving you the chance to go about your business without worrying about tangled cables that can often get unmanageable. This is another highly recommended option among Nokia C6 accessories and it is priced at $13.90 with pouch included.

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    Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector Shield

    Screen Protector for Nokia C6 It's easy to get scratches and dirt all over your mobile phone screen, so it's a good idea to use a screen protector. The clarity of this screen protector gives the mobile phone the protection it needs without being a liability to the user. It can also last for a very long time since it is made from material that is also used to protect important and expensive military aircraft. It is a super clear and indestructible film and serves as the ultimate protection for your screen. This is definitely one useful buy among Nokia C6 accessories and it costs $9.95 with lifetime replacement warranty.